Introducing myself, and the exciting future for GreenHawks

By Sam Norton Hello to all loyal GreenHawks readers, writers, and anyone else reading this. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sam Norton, and I will be the new editor for GreenHawks Media! I am a sophomore biology major, with an environmental science co-major and journalism minor. I am a member of the … More Introducing myself, and the exciting future for GreenHawks

Spring At Miami Is In Full Swing With These Two Events

by: MJ Watkins The birds are chirping, the grass is finally green, and temperatures are climbing higher every day: spring is truly here at Miami. Revel in it on April 26 with these two events, perfect for casual and serious nature lovers alike. Miami University’s Literature Program will host its annual marathon poetry reading beginning … More Spring At Miami Is In Full Swing With These Two Events

An Unexpected Light

by Sam Belkowitz Stepping onto the trail, I anticipated what I had seen times before. There would be the creek, fields with horses, and the old cabin. When the weather is nice, I ride my bike along the path’s changing terrain of pavement, gravel, and dirt, but this day, I walked. It was a warm … More An Unexpected Light

The Bend In The Creek

by: Macrae Hanke The meandering walk started on pavement; concrete cookie cutter blocks molded from the ground, poured to match the miles of sidewalk before it. As I continued my departure from man-made civilization, the buildings turned to trees and stadium lights faded from view. Concrete turned to gravel and gravel to dirt. Step after … More The Bend In The Creek

Three Green Clubs To Check Out Around Campus

Written by: MJ Watkins Miami University is home to over 700 student clubs and organizations, all aiming to engage students and deepen their connection to the communities around them. Many of these reside in the realm of environmentalism—including GreenHawks Media! Anyone can create a club or organization on Miami’s campus with almost any idea. Here are … More Three Green Clubs To Check Out Around Campus

Fall Foliage

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means the trees around Miami are losing their leaves faster than we can say Turkey time! Before winter’s chill settles in and snow blankets the landscape, let’s look back at some of the vibrant fall colors that painted our beautiful campus this autumn. All photos and captions by Gia Mariani.

Ault Park Blossoms

By: Gia Mariani This past Sunday I spent some time exploring Ault park and Alms park in Cincinnati. Ault park is know for its massive amount of cherry trees that blossom around this time, turning the park pink. I highly recommend going to the parks for a picnic once the weather gets warmer!  All photos … More Ault Park Blossoms

How Introspection Promotes Environmental Protection

By: Chelsea Worrell As the psychological effects of climate change grow apparent, so does a novel approach to our predicament. By this point, many sustainability initiatives have grown repetitive. Opting for organic products, using energy-efficient appliances, and recycling may seem second nature to many of us. I can recall chanting “reduce, reuse, recycle” when I was … More How Introspection Promotes Environmental Protection

What Eating Organic Does For Your Body

By: Jackie Dutkanych Oftentimes organic produce has more nutrients and antioxidants than non-organic produce. This is because non-organic fruits and vegetables are treated with chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives that strip away nutrients. When produce is treated with these toxic chemicals, they remain on our foods even after being washed. Switching to eating organic produce will … More What Eating Organic Does For Your Body

The Earth can’t handle the heat, and neither can we.

The impacts of increasing heat waves are more than skin deep. BY: CHELSEA WORRELL As winter ushers in the first snowfall to Miami University, I find myself reminiscing on the hotter days of summer and fall.  In freezing temperatures, nothing sounds more enticing than a warm, sunny day.  But cooling temperatures provide only temporary relief … More The Earth can’t handle the heat, and neither can we.

Microplastic Contaminants in Personal Care Products

BY: GRACE BERRY Plastic pollution in the oceans is a well known problem. We’ve all seen pictures and videos of plastics choking marine wildlife or of giant masses of plastics floating across miles of open ocean. The problem of plastic in the ocean goes deeper, however, and is made worse every time we wash our … More Microplastic Contaminants in Personal Care Products

Opinion: What College Living Teaches us About Life; A Series.

Part 1: Introduction and Thoughts BY: SYDNEY RUSHING Co-living/Co-housing has become an increasingly popular typology in architecture recently. It is characterized by communal housing where major common spaces are shared such as kitchen, family, and sometimes bathrooms and bedrooms being private spaces. This model prioritizes community building, and it is affordable, flexible, more sustainable, and … More Opinion: What College Living Teaches us About Life; A Series.

Put Your Best Foot Forward with these Sustainable Shoe Brands

BY: ALEX KNUTTE Do you own a pair of Nike AirForce Ones, Adidas, or Converse? Sneakers have become the fashion trend, and this is causing many to buy more simply based on what others are doing or what is popular, not when needed. This excess consumption of shoes is costing our environment.  A study put … More Put Your Best Foot Forward with these Sustainable Shoe Brands

Hurricanes & Wildfires & Floods, oh my!

BY: CELINE THORMANN The recent news cycle has been inundated with stories of natural disasters of unusual intensity, duration, and span. With stories of disasters coming from all around the country and in every direction, it can be difficult to keep track of what is happening, where it’s taking place, and why. In recent weeks, we have … More Hurricanes & Wildfires & Floods, oh my!

Job Seeking in the Environmental Sector

BY: SHANNON REILLY In the spring, myself and many other students hunted for summer internship experiences. The application process is a stressful undertaking for students of any major or level, but students in the environmental and sustainability field, who have had doubts planted in their minds about their career path since the beginning, may carry … More Job Seeking in the Environmental Sector

Photo Series: Living in Monterey, CA for the Summer

BY: ALEX KNUTTE This past summer, I had the opportunity to live and work in Monterey, California. Monterey is located on the central coast of California, about two hours south of San Francisco. It is best known for the Monterey Aquarium, which is also the aquarium that Pixar’s Finding Dory is based on! This is … More Photo Series: Living in Monterey, CA for the Summer

Crunching the Numbers

Is the Miami farm viable without significant university support? BY: FIONA LAWLER The Miami University Institute for Food farm will be in a tough position this fall if it doesn’t grow revenue from its community supported agriculture program, sales to university dining and the community, grants and other funding. The institute’s mission is teaching students … More Crunching the Numbers

How You Can Save a Farm, Eat Better, Help the Climate

As the Miami University farm struggles financially, hope abounds in CSA programs, regenerative growing and one tough farmer BY: SARA COY Just down the road from the precise brick buildings that make up Miami University, the beauty continues in a different way at the school’s Institute for Food farm. On this 8-acre farm, Miami students … More How You Can Save a Farm, Eat Better, Help the Climate

Growing Community

Charles Griffin brings lifetime of agricultural expertise to the Miami farm By: Fiona Lawler Meet the heart, soul and roots of the Miami University farm. Charles Griffin, age 67, has been director of farm operations since 2017. With more than 20 years of experience, this organic growing expert says he is dedicated to the success … More Growing Community

Bringing Life Back to the Soil

By: Ivy Richter How regenerative agriculture serves up food and mitigates climate change Large, green posters above supermarket produce aisles and prominent packaging labels pasted on packaged fruits and vegetables scream “organic.” Companies proudly promote their limited use of pesticides and fertilizers with the flashy, green USDA certification label. Organic is a step in the … More Bringing Life Back to the Soil