Eating Local on Campus

By: Bridget Vis

Miami University’s Harris Dining Hall hosted its annual Cultivating Community Dinner on Thursday, Sept. 22, and, of course, GreenHawks Media was there.

The dining hall was decked out for the event with fall-inspired decorations like hay stacks, scarecrows, and faux corn. However, the star of the evening was the food, which all contained locally-sourced ingredients. Each dish was served in the traditional buffet style of the dining hall, but labeled with a special sign that listed where the vegetables or meat used in the recipe was from.

GreenHawks’ members were impressed with the selections of dishes including Amish chicken, vegetable lasagna, and vegetarian stuffed cabbage. Culinary services even tried out new recipes of old dishes like their spicy chicken soup. There was also a wide range of delectable deserts featuring local berries in the mousse and apples for the apple crisp.

Needless to say, no member left hungry. This type of event is one GreenHawks would like to see held more often on campus. With so many farms surrounding Miami, bringing in the locally-sourced food makes sense. It has a lower carbon footprint, supports the local economy, and creates an important bridge between the community and the students.

Bravo, Housing and Dining, on a spectacular dinner!


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