Miami moves transportation plans forward with symposium

Fall 2011 –

Miami University students, faculty, and staff attended Miami on the Move on Nov. 15, to learn more about transportation issues and options, view improvement plans, and contribute ideas to make getting around campus more efficient.

Representatives from the Associated Student Government Environmental Committee, Miami University Police, sustainability co-major, and Miami’s Office of Parking and Transportation Services teamed up to discuss current plans as well as listen to ideas from students.

Suggestion boards located around the multi-purpose room in Shriver were available for attendees to post their thoughts and contribute suggestions for the administration to consider. Topics included incentives and improvements regarding biking, the Miami Metro, and car pooling.

Students wrote ideas such as providing locations for winter storage of bikes, bike only lanes in addition to roads and sidewalks, smaller buses, less confusing and more efficient bus routes, and waiving parking fees for students who car pool.

Plans were displayed for enhancing bike safety, improving pedestrian routes, expanding bus coverage, and modifying parking areas.

Sophomore Hannah Thomas found the symposium to be informative and encouraging. “I appreciate the opportunity to learn about what changes are going to be made on campus and how they will affect me on a daily basis. Being able to express my concerns and contribute my opinion is great too. It shows that what I think matters.”


By: Amanda Schumaker

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