10 Questions with Erin Brockovich

Spring 2012 –

Erin visited campus on April 16 and she talked to me about her inspirations, the movie and how Miami students can be more eco-friendly.

1. What is the greatest issue facing the environment?


2. Who is your role model?

-My father.

3. What was your game-changing moment?

-When I was out in Hinkley I saw the dead trees, absence of wildlife, and sick livestock. The game-changer was the moment I realized water was behind all of that and I had a choice to do something about it or turn the other cheek.

4. What is the easiest step college students can take to help the environment?

-Take a shorter shower.

5. What is the biggest misconception about being eco-friendly?

-That it’s difficult. You can do simple things that don’t interfere with your day to help out like drinking tab water instead of bottled water or turning off the TV when you leave the room.

6. How would a student learn more about environmental issues in their area?

-Join an environmental organization like Green Oxford or GreenHawks and talk with the people in the community and find out what they are saying about issues affecting them.

7. How accurate was Erin Brockovich the movie?

-I was a little scared when I first heard about the movie, but it was 98% accurate and had the justice it deserved.

8. What sort of response did the movie have in Hinkley?

-Some of the plaintiffs were frustrated that they did not get more out of the settlement, but I was very proud of it. I still am today because it helped create awareness to issues that were important then and are even more important today.

9. What’s your next project?

-Teaming up with Google to create a map connecting environmental pollution and people’s health problems.

10. What do you think of Miami University?

-It reminds me of my home in California because it’s so green. It’s really beautiful and my experience here has been great.


By: Bridget Vis

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