My First Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Fall 2012 –

Booths are aligned in neat rows and the colorful array of natural foods mixed with the aroma of fresh produce and crisp air surround me. Smiling, welcoming faces greet students, parents and children who hustle and bustle around the small area across from Uptown Park. What better way to spend a sunny fall morning than at the Oxford Farmer’s Market?

I was not sure what to expect when I cautiously made the quick, five-minute walk from my house, to the local farmer’s market. Would there be a bunch of country folk selling corn stalks and vegetables? Or would it be more like a flea market where people heckle you to buy whatever cheap bracelet or rug they can sell to the person who dares to bid the highest? My expectations and pre-conceived notions ranged from wild to wilder as a made my way into the marked off, tented area.

I was pleased to hear the upbeat banjo music playing as I walked from tent to tent. Not only was there fresh produce such as delicious homegrown apples, as well as caramel apples, but also the market far exceeded my expectations. The market’s motto revolved around the three key words: homegrown, home baked, homemade, and they sure didn’t disappoint. Whether it was the delicious grainy homemade bread that I sampled, or the creamy peanut butter goat milk fudge, all the product’s offered at the farmer’s market were top-notch.

They had everything from locally made honey and salsa, to eggs, jelly, jams and pastries.

The customers as well as the vendors have been loyal to one another for a number of years. Deborah Bowles, of the Artistry Farm has been coming to the farmer’s market for ten years. “I milk everyday and make goat cheese and my grandmother’s soap,” she said. She was also kind enough to let me sample some of her delicious fudge made at her farm just five miles away.
I was more than impressed with the friendly vendors, delicious natural food, and overall carefree environment. If you’re interested in experiencing the farmer’s market you still have a few more weeks this fall.

The market will operate fall Saturdays October-the Saturday before Thanksgiving from 8:30 am-12:00 pm.

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