Western Class Puts on Local Food Dinner

Fall 2011 –

Western class WST 341 organized a local community dinner in lower Alexander on November 17. The people attending ranged from local farmers, MOON Co-op workers, and others involved in green organizations.

Upon arrival, a brochure was handed out to give information on the benefits of local food.  It informed that by the time produce is transported to the grocery store, “the overall nutrient level is nearly halved.” The less transportation time, the greater the nutrient level at purchase time, and the lower cost for transport and the associated pollution acquired.  The brochure also informs the reader that “By eating local you are lowering your carbon footprint by cutting out all the transportation and storage costs.”

The problem students face with local food is that once the farmer’s market season is over, they don’t know where to find it.  Fortunately, the new Oxford grocery store MOON Co-op (located off Locust Street behind Little Caesar’s Pizzeria) has made it their mission to “support local and regional growers.” This way, environmental impact is reduced and shoppers know where their food comes from.

All the food provided at the dinner was obtained locally. It was fresh and delicious, and there were even options for vegetarians. On the tables, green facts were strewn about. On the back of leaf cut-outs, information on green organizations and events on campus were listed.

At the end of the meal, there was a brief announcement about composting and to place our trash in the appropriate receptacle bin. Carillon Catering provided compostable plates, so the only trash was cups and utensils.

Overall, the dinner allowed for many people to be informed of local foods and easy steps to a greener life.


By: Sarah Bradford

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