Kombucha: A Tasty Bacteria?

We’re all familiar with the crash diets presented by the media and endorsed by overpaid celebrities.  We’ve endured the painfully long commercials for The Atkin’s diet, Weightwatchers, and weight loss supplement pills, but a new trend is taking over health magazines around the nation, and it has to do with bacteria.

Some diet enthusiasts and organic-food lovers are claiming that kombucha, a drink that contains yeast and live bacteria, could be the new and improved yogurt.  Fans of the drink claim that it yields health benefits including growing healthier hair, developing healthier digestive and immune systems, and lowering cholesterol, but scientists are still testing out these claims.  So how does one go about getting this bacteria-based drink and what does it even taste like?

Many stores sell kombucha, and well-known beverage companies like Coca-Cola have even jumped on the bandwagon, producing a line of kombucha drinks by the name of Honest Tea.  Many fans describe the tea, which originated in ancient China about 2,000 years ago, as a refreshing and bubbly drink, while those on the other end of the spectrum do not like its vinegary, sour taste, and unusual appearance.

Like many other diet crazes, doctors recommend to consume the drink in moderation, but this hasn’t stopped people from producing the drink in their homes.  Whether you make it on your own or buy it from the store, the real question is are you brave enough to try this new, unusual tea infused with antioxidants and probiotics?rootbeer1 kombucha

3 thoughts on “Kombucha: A Tasty Bacteria?

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