MedWish Foundation: A Nonprofit Organization That’s Making A Difference


While the Greenhwaks are working to make a difference on campus, one non-profit organization is making a worldwide change.

MedWish, a nonprofit group is committed to repurposing medical supplies and other medical equipment to send to underprivileged companies. Their goal is to provide humanitarian aid to developing countries to reduce waste, save lives, and ultimately save our environment.

MedWish partners with several companies and hospitals to recover medical surplus that hospitals can’t use. They have provided over 2.2 million pounds of medical supplies from over 50 hospitals. Their services have not only helped people in need, but they’ve also keep this supplies out of landfills, bettering our environment.

The process starts when MedWish recovers safe, unused, surplus medical supplies.

Usually companies don’t use these materials for insurance purposes. Next, MedWish sorts through all these supplies and appropriately distributes the items to the appropriate recipients. This process ultimately saves lives and the environment.

You can become a part of this life-saving mission by making a donation on the MedWish website at Just one dollar in donations can help send sixteen dollars worth of supplies overseas.

While recycling and saving resources are always encouraged, you can also help to change the world by becoming a part of MedWish, spreading the word about the organization, or simply making a donation to help a person and a world in need.

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