Good Week Recap

Good week prof picThis past week, numerous student organizations took part in Good Week, which is a week on campus designed to promote “good.” The term good is very flexible and allows for a variety of student organizations to participate, from Greek organizations to business fraternities, to our very own GreenHawks Media. There is room for every organization to do “good” on campus.

The week itself was coordinated by Net Impact and some of the events included: a 5k Run sponsored by Green Oxford, Net Impact passing out free Kofenya coffee in the Farmer School of Business, TOMS day without shoes, GreenHawks Media’s screening of YERT and so much more.

Although not all of these events related to sustainable business or campus greening, they are each in their own way trying to make the world a little bit better of a place, and isn’t that essentially what we are all trying to do? Whether you are advocating for environmental change, social justice or whatever your passion may be, I feel like all of it was able to come together during this week in some “good” form. I know Net Impact is hoping to make this event even bigger next year, so if you or your organization would like to host an event next April, please keep Good Week in mind.

I know this topic deviates a little from my usual blog, but I felt this was such an important week on campus that I had to write about it. Now remember, there is other “good” going on on-campus throughout the year, and not just during Good Week. I just think it is important to recognize that we can all do well with our careers while also doing good—which can come in the form of volunteer efforts, activism, or even just in your career and personal choices.

Doing “good” does not need to be some grand scheme or major effort—but just recognize that every little “good” decision you make can add up with the good that others are doing—and yes, although very cheesy, I believe it can make our world a better place.

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