Congratulations to Samantha Rumschlag

mesocosm pic

Miami University graduate student Samantha Rumschlag was recently recognized as a recipient of The Graduate Achievement Award.  This award is presented to full and part-time graduate students who have completed significant work in any external research or creative activity.

Rumschlag, who is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in ecology, evolution, and environmental biology, took her undergraduate experiences studying amphibians at Dennison University to the next level.

A self-described disease ecologist, Rumschlag spent the past summer observing tadpoles in the water and frogs on land, specifically focusing on how a stressful larval condition through exposure to a commonly used pesticide influences frogs’ susceptibility to pathogens across different life stages.

As a reward for her work, Rumschlag was granted $200, a fund provided by Alumni and Friends of Miami University.

“I very much appreciate the recognition and the award and I’m going to use this to further my research with amphibians and disease,” she said upon receiving this award.

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