New Classes, New You

By: Katie Corrigan

Miami University students participate in Spinning, one of the most popular classes. Photo Courtesy of Miami University Recreation
Miami University students participate in Spinning, one of the most popular classes.
Photo Courtesy of Miami University Recreation

With a new semester and new year comes new goals and ambitions. At the start of a new year, many students feel more motivated than ever to get back in shape by hitting the gym.

If you have visited the Rec Center lately, you may have noticed some changes to the facility. Miami University’s Recreation Center underwent maintenance over winter term. A new group fitness room was added, called “Room X”, to accommodate an increased number of fitness classes on the group fitness schedule. Classes offered in “Room X” are free to anyone for the semester.

A variety of classes were added including: kettlebell, spin & yoga, strength & conditioning, and yoga for runners, Jeff Molter, assistant director of fitness, said. Molter oversees the personal training program, group fitness workshops, and also teaches a newly added class.

These classes are designed for all different levels of fitness. The participant is able to control how challenging the level of intensity is.

Molter explained the essence of each class and the reasoning behind adding each one. Kettlebell, he said, has been around for a long time but just became popular again recently. A kettlebell is a piece of equipment with a cast-iron weight that is shaped like a ball with a single handle. The class is designed to educate people on proper technique so they reduce their risk of injuries when using the kettlebell on their own.

The strength and conditioning class is unlike any other group fitness class that Miami offers. It is designed to be more intense than a traditional toning class and consists of more coaching and breakdown of technique.

Participants are encouraged to cheer one another on and push themselves to their ultimate fitness level. The class uses various equipment including rowing machines. Suspension training, and kettlebells. Each class is different but all are high energy.

Another Spinning class was added because of the popularity of Spinning for a cardiovascular workout. Spinning is an intense cycling class where participants are able to push themselves to any desired intensity by controlling the tension on the bike, Molter said.

A Spin and Yoga class was added because of the benefits of yoga and stretching after an intense biking workout. The exercises complement one another, and pairing them adds the benefit of both to a workout.

Yoga for runners was added for a similar reason. This class was designed to focus on specific muscle groups in which runners lack flexibility or strength in, such as hamstrings and quadriceps. Molter explained that yoga is a great compliment to running, and vice versa, and many runners are not familiar with yoga poses that could improve running technique.

So far, these new classes have been a success. Kettlebell and strength and conditioning draw the largest new crowds. Molter said people usually uninterested in group fitness were willing to try these two classes because of the intensity of the workouts.

The new classes have also attracted different demographics. Molter noticed that more males have been interested and attending classes. Although anyone is welcome, the majority of participants tend to be younger people with higher levels of fitness.

The new classes provide variety to workout routines. After hunkering down for a long winter break, what better way to get in an exercise routine than take advantage of the new classes offered at the Rec Center?

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