“What Warming?” Skeptic brings counter-point to climate debate

Dr. Robert M. Wagner spoke to the Miami University College Republicans among others in Harrison Hall 307 Wednesday evening about the dangers of “believing blindly” in climate change.

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts,” Wagner said, “A normal scientist would try to disprove a no-hypothesis.”

Wagner has been speaking to skeptics and non-skeptics in climate change after a career in the military and a history studying economics and statistics in the field of finance. Wagner is a graduate of Miami.

“I encourage them to invite the Democrats, I encourage them to bring the professors who want to defend this ‘science’ because the best weapon we have is getting people to defend this science in public.” Wagner said.

Wagner encourages audiences to “open their mind” to what he perceives as statistical fallacies and loopholes the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) created to “sustain their funding and gain support.”

“Almost every thing I found was a statistical lie,” Wagner said. “So I threw this presentation together I wanted to take it out to public audiences.”

Wagner posited the IPCC’s models for climate change— what he calls the “Al Gore hockey stick chart”— were presented to the public as truth. Wagner’s thesis: cleverly disguised data were twisted to suit their hypothesis.

“They [the IPCC] suited their hypothesis to fit the data,” Wagner said “that’s not how real science works.”

Mid-lecture, an image of Ohio State University’s football stadium (commonly referred to as The Horse Shoe) appeared. Wagner asked the audience:

“Now if carbon is at 400 parts per million, according to the IPCC, and ‘The Shoe’ can hold one-hundred-thousand people,” he said, “then how many people does that make ‘carbon molecules’ in a crowd of one-hundred-thousand?” . . . “forty.” . . . “They also tell us only about 5 percent of that is anthropogenic [caused by humans].” The audience was silent.

“So 5 percent of forty ? Two . . . they’re telling me two people in OSU stadium are rocking the entire climate world? Does that make any sense to anybody at all?”

Wagner used more than 50 charts during his presentation to extrapolate the “myth of Global Warming”— among other things used by the IPCC and government committees to fund “green energy” which he upholds as “inefficient and expensive.”

In closing, Wagner challenged the community to “come see me talk. I will come back and you [College Republicans, Miami University community] get whatever professors you want out here to debate this science with me.”

3 thoughts on ““What Warming?” Skeptic brings counter-point to climate debate

  1. I would love to make it back down to Miami to give another presentation. I encourage you go get a group of professors that teach global warming science in their classes, get the College Democrats and environmental groups together and I’ll come down and debate anyone you find to defend this “science.” I’ll give my presentation and anyone you choose can tell the audience where my interpretation of the data and results in incorrect.

    1. Just wanted to let you know how very valuable your presentations are in the discussion of climate change/global warming (and it is still definitely about warming, no matter what they call it). Your insight, research and the frank way you talk to alarmists are priceless.

      I was wondering what happened to your website as well – I can’t seem to get to it from my server.

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