10 Ways to Keep Your Dorm Eco-Friendly

1. Turn off the lights when they aren’t needed.








2. Keep your heat lower/ac warmer.










3. Take shorter showers.








4. Turn leaky faucets all the way off.








5. Don’t keep electronics plugged in, once they are fully charged.







6. When getting things for your dorm, try and buy things that will work for an apartment as well.










7. Recycle!

Recycle  (San Jose, CA; Jan 2009)






8. Limit excessive use of electronics, such as TV and video games.







9. Do your laundry in cold water and dry it with a low heat or hang to dry.








10. Look for natural fibers when buying sheets, blankets, etc.




Contributed by: Kirsten Drew

Photo License: Creative Commons

GreenHawks Media

GreenHawks Media is Miami University’s first environmental publication. Our goal is to unite green initiatives on campus and in the community. We hope to make a difference in a journalistic fashion by spreading news and information as well as educating our readers. We would like to present GreenHawks Media as a central place for groups and individuals to share their ideas, concerns, and initiatives. Individually and in small groups, efforts are made to make a difference and promote change. While one person may have a concern, another is researching it and needs assistance. While one initiative is being made in a science department, a similar idea is being discussed in a local business. GreenHawks Media provides the opportunity for shared visions to come together. We are journalists, writers, photographers, and scientists. We are students. We are motivated to use media to contribute to the change that our generation needs to make in order to protect and understand the planet we call home.

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