10 Reasons you should Eat more Protein

  1. Protein keeps you feeling fuller, longer. When you eat protein, a hormone is released that signals to your brain that you are full. Proteins found in meat, fish and poultry are especially effective.luna
  2. Protein helps build and repair muscles. Proteins are the building blocks of bone, muscles, skin, and blood. After a tough workout, proteins help to rebuild and repair muscles in your body.muscles
  3. Protein digestion burns more calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, protein can be of service because the process of digesting protein takes more energy (calories) which in turn boosts metabolism.
  4. Protein is a common source of iron. Many people, especially women, experience anemia from iron-deficiency. Proteins such as lean red meats can provide an ample amount of iron.steak
  5. Protein provides essential amino acids. There are nine essential amino acids that the body does not make on its own. Eating more protein in a good way to ensure you’re taking in those amino acids.
  6. Protein is good for you hair, nails and skin. Collagen is a tissue found in these parts of the body that is made up of fibrous protein. Wonder why your skin is sagging? You probably don’t have enough of this protein.nails
  7. Protein helps keep you from getting sick. There are many different types of proteins, including antibodies and enzymes that help the body fight against viruses.tissues
  8. Protein will give your workout a boost. Eating a little protein before and after a workout can increase your workout’s effectiveness according to livestrong.com.quest
  9. Protein reduces the risk of exercise-related injury. By keeping your muscles and bones strong and in good working order, protein enables your body to function at its highest levels.aid
  10. Protein prevents weakness. If your muscles feel constantly fatigued, you probably don’t take in enough protein. Protein is essential for building muscles and without sufficient amounts, you may lose muscle mass or feel an overall muscle weakness
  11. bicep

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3 thoughts on “10 Reasons you should Eat more Protein

  1. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find
    this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complicated and very broad for me.
    I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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