5 Ways to Avoid the Back-to-School Cold

1. Hand Sanitizer is your best friend










Keep one in your purse, your book bag, on your desk, wherever you can. Use frequently and in excess.

2. Sneeze into the crook of your arm or a tissue










Just not your hands. Or into the air. Or the shoulder of the person next to you on the bus.

3. Get up to date on all of your shots







President Obama is. No, but seriously. It’s flu season so get to the local drug store and get your flu shot. Unfortunately you’ll have to see your doctor for those other pesky shots.

4. Wash you hands.








Remember when we said ‘Hand sanitizer is your best friend’? Well soap and water are like your bffs from pre-k who you don’t see quite as often as hand sanitizer (thus it’s awarded best friend status) but who you always have a lot more fun with when you do meet up. Maybe you should try to get together more often?

5. Quit sharing food and drinks with your friends








They probably wouldn’t share theirs with you, anyway.

Photo License: Creative Commons

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