Eco-Friendly Halloween Decor

Whether you live in a dorm or elsewhere, it’s officially Autumn. To help get into the spirit, there’s nothing like decorating your living quarters with Halloween themed décor. We know that not all decorations are created equal: cheap plastic tinsel and fake spiders may be fun to buy and toss around, but they don’t have much benefit after Halloween is over. Here are some tips and ideas on how to decorate your space in a tasteful manner that also helps (or at least doesn’t hurt!) the environment.

            Spooky Tree

This cute decoration is fun to make, and requires you to take a hike in the beautiful fall weather. Head into some woods and find a few branches of relatively the same size—you decide the scaling here, the main thing to look for is that the branches are clean and dry, and never pull branches off of living trees.

Tie the branches together at the base with yarn. You should get something in between a bush and a tree, depending on how many branches you pick up. If you want, put your tree in a large pot. Then, decorate! You can put string through Halloween candies to make candy-themed ornaments, or, if you already have old Halloween knick-knacks lying around, give them some use and hang them up.

Veggie Tinsel

            If you really love vegetables, this may be a decoration for you. Find vegetables with Halloween colors like green, orange, and purple, and string them up together. Pick vegetables that aren’t juicy and don’t spoil quickly—a tomato wreath is a bad idea. Instead, opt for longer living things like habanero peppers, tomatillas, and mini eggplants.

Be very picky and choose only the most unblemished of the bunch. If you want to make a string of mini pumpkins, you’ll need more than a needle and thread to string them up, so get your hands on a drill and some sturdy yarn. It would be best to hang your vegetables up where you won’t forget about them, and do use them up in your cooking sooner rather than later.

A classic spooky veggie piece, for those of us who fear vampires more than stinky hands

For the busy ones

If you just don’t have the time to make these decorations, just head over to a store or the Farmer’s market uptown on a Saturday morning, and get a gourd, or pumpkin. If you have a backyard or a compost heap of your own, once the Halloween season is over, cut up your gourds and throw them somewhere where the seeds can sprout. They will look nothing short of gorgeous spilling their curly vines over the sides of a flowerbed.

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