The Wonderful, Delightful, Very Cute Asparagus Fern


Seeing something green and living in the kitchen, depending on your living situation, might be a very bad thing.

Unless that green thing happens to be a houseplant.

The asparagus fern, like many houseplants, decorates whichever room it populates, and due to its requirement for low levels of light, it fits into most kitchens.  Unlike most houseplants, asparagus ferns can sprawl across a room’s walls and ceiling.

With its light, thin green leaves and bright red berries in fall, the asparagus fern adds life to a room without being overbearing. In spring, dainty white flowers grow on its branches. This plant grows at a quick pace, so if you do decide to add one to your house, quickly figure out how you want it to grow. To have the asparagus fern act as a wall and ceiling decoration, tie thin, taut strings in places where the asparagus fern can “grab onto” them with its vines.

To have a happy asparagus fern, keep it in a shady spot and water often. The more sun the fern gets, the more water it needs. Fertilize in the spring through fall every month with all-purpose liquid fertilizer for optimal growth. If you find the fern to be growing too wild, it’s best to cut back the extra branches close to the plant’s base instead of nipping a few inches off of the tip.

The asparagus fern is a charming, airy houseplant. It will be green year-round and quickly make itself at home wherever you situate it. Consider this air-purifying sweetheart when looking for new house décor!

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