Your Mini Oasis: Indoor Miniature Gardens

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With the nights lengthening and the mercury in our thermometers descending at a frightful speed, gardening doesn’t sound like something seasonably appropriate. In reality, it is never too late to bring a little more green into your life.  Moss is something often overlooked, but it is a very low fuss plant, and looks adorable when incorporated into interior décor.

Moss grows everywhere, which makes getting a free sample easier than finding it in stores. Try and find moss in areas where it shouldn’t be growing—dim outdoor stairwells, for instance. It takes moss a long time to repopulate an area, and if the area is left bare, there’s a likely chance it will never again be graced by moss. This is also a good reason to take moss very sparingly from woody areas. It’s not very eco-friendly to strip a park of all its moss!

When you stumble across a patch of moss that can be harvested, try to lift the moss off its terrain without ripping it. The optimal way to harvest moss is to place the moss into a small plastic baggie and plant it within at least 4 hours of harvesting. I keep my moss in a big soup cup filled with dirt. It surrounds my succulent sprout. I keep them both on my windowsill and water every other day. The moss turns bright green when it’s happy, but it was a brownish-green color when it wasn’t getting enough light on my counter top.

Moss can be kept on its own, inside of a terrarium with pebbles, or it can accompany another indoor plant. It adds a touch of fantasy and charm wherever it grows, and never needs fertilizer, only a little sunlight and water. The process of finding, and planting allows for a lot of creativity, and moss is very forgiving of mistakes. Consider planting some moss in a cup you never use, for a fun project and a cute windowsill plant!

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