10 Best Things about Fall

1. The colors


Even if you hate the weather, how can you hate the colors of fall? The oranges, yellows, reds…it’s our last burst of color before we head into the dreary winter months.

2. Classic fall activities


Apple-picking, pumpkin-picking, hayrides, raking—you either hate them or you love them. Sure, sometimes taking a hay ride in a huge circle when you could’ve just walked a few yards to the apple trees or driving 30 minutes to do your own manual labor can seem cheesy and pointless, but sometimes you just have to embrace it.

3. Food


Apple spice donuts? Cranberry bread? Squash? Soups? Not to mention Thanksgiving. Autumn food has that warm, homey feel you don’t get any other season.

4. Pumpkins


Pumpkins are the staple of fall. Whether you’re carving them, picking them, decorating with them or cooking with them, you can’t have autumn without pumpkins!

5. Sweater weather


Okay, so we may not be strolling around some beach with our perfectly matching maroon plaid button-down and bag, but you get the idea. Time to pull out the pullovers.

6. Delicious drinks


Fall is the season you can taste. Whether you pick hot—like hot chocolate or the famed Pumpkin Spice Latte—or cold, like apple cider, you can’t go wrong with any of autumn’s beverages.

7. Halloween


Halloween brings out the kid in all of us. Even if you’re too old to harass your neighbors into giving you free candy, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! You can make the most out of this holiday however you choose.

8. Candy corn


Even if you’re not a fan, once this corn syrup/sugar/wax/marshmallow mixture hits the stores, the season’s officially begun

9. Good TV shows come back


We’ve only waited all summer! Having great TV shows come back is awesome, because now you can stop watching reruns on Netflix. But on the other hand, keeping up with the shows is like another job. Once you get behind, you can slip fast—and that means avoiding spoilers too!

10. Football


Prepare to spend all day Sunday – not to mention Monday night and Thursday night – in front of the TV cheering on your favorite team and making sure your Fantasy team isn’t losing too badly.

Photo License: Creative Commons

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