10 Healthy and Delicious Snacks You Can Make!

1. Frozen yogurt-covered berries


While blueberries are already sweet, yogurt adds protein to the fruit and will fill you up more than just blueberries themselves. All you need are blueberries, non-fat Greek yogurt, and some parchment or wax paper, and you’re already halfway done!

Directions: Dip blueberries in yogurt (using toothpick) and place on wax paper, then freeze for at least an hour.

Results: a low-calorie, high-protein/fiber snack!

2. Cucumber and cheese sandwich


By replacing the traditional cheese-and-cracker favorite with cucumbers, you’ll skip out on the carbs and salt and get good-for-you calcium. Just be careful with what kind of cheese you choose; use low fat, thin slices (like Cabot 75% reduced fat cheese), and try to stick to 3-4 “sandwiches”. The cucumber is a good source of water, vitamins and minerals, and won’t leave you feeling food regret afterwards.

3. Homemade tortilla “crepes”


Banana and PB are a common snack, but adding a whole-wheat tortilla adds whole grains and fiber. I choose La Tortilla Factory’s small high-fiber low-carb whole-wheat tortillas, spread some peanut butter on it (hint: the PB that you have to mix is less hydrogenated—less trans fat—and therefore better for you), and add a banana and strawberries. You could use Nutella or other spreads (sometimes I ditch the sweets and wrap up hummus and veggies) and personalize this snack to your liking!

4. Apple sandwiches


Mine never look like this since I can’t core apples this easily in my dorm room, but it’s the same idea. Take an apple, spread with apple butter (a healthier alternative than PB, if you’re determined enough to give that up) and add granola for a boost of fiber and whole grains. And voila! But just make sure to check out the granola you pick first: granola naturally contains fats and carbs, but some store-bought granola can be especially high in saturated fat and sugar.

5. Spice up rice cakes


Rice cakes don’t have to be boring—you can add PB and banana, Greek yogurt and fruit, or go for a veggie-take and load on avocado, tomato, and cucumber.

6. Veggies and hummus


It might seem like the most obvious healthy snack out there, but it is for a reason. Hummus provides iron, protein and fiber among other benefits, and paired with bright-colored vegetables like carrots, celery, and bell peppers, you’re also getting a lot of vitamins and minerals.

7. Trail mix


Trail mix can be a mix of good and bad; like everything, you don’t want to have too much of it. But it also packs in some great health benefits, and will fill you up. Try using low-salt peanuts, walnuts, and almonds, and dried fruit without added sugar. You can add sunflower, flax, or pumpkin seeds to boost your trail mix, and dark chocolate chips for a sweet addition! If you want some crunch, try to choose something like Cheerios or plain Chex, or low-salt pretzels.

8. Broccoli and Miso peanut sauce


Microwaveable vegetables from the grocery store can be an easy and healthy alternative to chips or other packaged foods. Just heat it up in the microwave for a few minutes (instructions on bag), and if you need a dip, there are plenty of options. Check out the link below the picture to learn how to make the miso sauce (may not be the most convenient thing at first, but if you make enough you can get a few servings out of it)!

9. Microwavable potato

microwavable potato

This is a simple way to curb your hunger; it’s more substantial than a quick study snack, but sometimes it’s better to have something a little more fulfilling than ravaging through your entire snack arsenal (if you’re like me). Make sure you clean the potato first and poke it either with a fork or knife so that it doesn’t explode in your microwave. Cook for about 5 minutes, flip, and then keep checking until fully cooked (likely 8-12 min). Then you can top it with greens like broccoli or spinach to add some vitamins.

10.  Frozen grapes


This might be the easiest snack to make: throw the grapes in the fridge, go to class, and come back a few hours later and you’re done! Not only is this a fresh, different spin on a normal fruit, it also preserves the grapes longer. Just make sure to wash them beforehand.


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