Staying Warm and Green

Now that winter is upon us, getting to class alone overexposes us to the elements. Since winter break is a mere two weeks after Thanksgiving break, planting anything sounds like a fruitless waste of time for anyone not living in Oxford. Still, being exposed to nature is a very important thing, even for stressed college students, because it often can help relieve tension and remind us there is more to life than finals. Here are a few ways to connect with the flora and fauna in the dead of winter.

    1. Take a break in the kitchen, using fresh veggies and fruits for a great way to channel your inner crazy chef.
  • Bundle up and take a walk…
    1. Look out for the differences in different evergreen pinecones on campus.
Tiny Thuja Cones
Tiny Thuja Cones
Eastern White pine cone
Eastern White pine cone
Cypress cone
Cypress cone
Larch cones
Larch cones
  • Or go skiing
    1. Good places within walking distance include Pfeiffer Park on days when there is no construction, behind the Miami Art Museum, and by the WRA cabin on Western Campus.
  • Connect with animals

On campus, attend pet therapy (call 529 4634 to ask about pet availability and times), or drive out to the AAF to play with cats and dogs, every day of the week except for Wednesday.

  • Look up pictures of dream destinations
    1. When it’s this cold outside, even looking at pictures of sandy beaches and misty forests counts as exposing yourself to nature.


  • Visit the farmer’s market in uptown Oxford
    1. The market runs from 9 until noon, November 22nd and from then on every third Saturday of the month. Grab delicious baked goods for breakfast with a cup of high quality coffee, and enjoy fresh veggies, fruits, and the artisan crafts for sale.
  • Stop by a flower shop to browse around
    1. In between a cup of coffee and window shopping uptown, go to Oxford Flower Shop and take a look at all the pretty plants while staying warm indoors.
  • Visit the Belk Greenhouse on campus
    1. For an amped-up version of the flower shop visit, take a look at all the exotic flora living on Western campus.
  1. The herbarium is filled with dried specimens. Stop by and look at all of the varieties of plants collected.

Photo License: Creative Commons

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