EarthJOY: A Tree Climbing Adventure

EarthJOY is a company co-owned by Shelly Byrne and Bill Byrne with the purpose to empower individuals by connecting them with nature. Both the Byrnes are adept, certified climbing instructors, and those who sign up for a class with EarthJOY will get to adventure up into the boughs of trees.

tree climbing

Luckily for all Miami students, EarthJOY is nearby. Its primary location is about and hour away in Alexandria, KY, and sometimes classes are held in Oxford’s very own Hueston Woods state park, only ten minutes off campus by car. Take a look at the classes offered and contact one of the Byrnes if you have any questions about availability.

Both Bill and Shelly said they do not have a particular season they like best for climbing, because all three seasons during which they offer lessons (March through November) have their own look and feel. Bill mentioned he especially likes spring’s representation of rebirth. Both Bill and Shelly said their favorite trees to climb are Sycamores and Oaks—these trees usually offer the large crowns and sturdy limbs needed for a good climb.

Having had much experience in electrical engineering, Bill is just the right man for safety. He said the codes and regulations for safety are the same in many fields. Add to this Bill’s certification as a climbing instructor, and you have a failsafe guide for ascending to the treetops. No incidents for climbers with EarthJOY have occurred to date. Bill’s experience as the co-owner of Byrne Chiropractic provides an extra safety net for climbers.

Shelly, as a Licensed Physical Therapist and co-owner of Advanced Physical Therapy, understands what a team needs to succeed in its goals. Both Bill and Shelly have coached athletic teams, and Shelly makes EarthJOY an exercise in teamwork. By setting goals and evaluating both individual and team behavior, Shelly will make sure that a person’s experience with EarthJOY is fulfilling.

Shelly explained that her work at EarthJOY is her life purpose, and that as a young girl she would lead her friends on to new adventures. Together, Shelly and Bill make the perfect duo for bringing tree climbing into eager learner’s lives.

The current programs offered at EarthJOY include group, scout, and team-building climbs run by Bill, while Shelly runs Woman’s Warriors, a program designed for anyone trying to heal. There is also a Pre-Woman’s Warrior program, designed to help Shelley assess individual fitness levels and exercise weekly until climbers are ready to tackle the treetops. New additions to EarthJOY this year include a Primitive Survival skill classes, run by Bill, and a treehouse to stay in built by Animal Planet’s very own Pete Nelson, from the program Tree House Masters.

Climbing can be a great activity for Miami students to do with a group of friends, or when the family is visiting. Kids can start climbing at the age of five.

Climbers often see local wildlife—deer, squirrels, and a great many birds. EarthJOY is an option for lots of people for many reasons—whether to have fun with friends or family, find inner peace, connect with nature, improve team skills, or challenge yourself physically, EarthJOY will give you a chance to explore all of these options. The season for climbing is coming to a halt as November ends, so either click around to see class availability for late November, or plan on attending a class or two come March.

Photo License: Creative Commons

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