Olivia’s Essentials

Recently, GreenHawks wrote an article about Minimalism: the move toward reducing copious amounts of “stuff” to live a life with less clutter and more purpose. We decided to start a series of the 10 things we would absolutely NEED if we decided to take minimalism to the extreme and could only keep the things on our list. 

Olivia’s List


As I started thinking about what I would put on my list, it occurred to me that I have a lot of stuff. I wouldn’t call myself a pack rat, but I’m definitely someone who has things for the “just in case” moments of life. I also have a lot of decorative stuff *ahem, 5 unused decorative pillows, ahem.* After some contemplation, here are the 10 things I would need if I had to move and could only take what was on the list.

1. Laptop

2. Pair of running shoes

3. Camera

4. Teapot

5. Warm blanket

6. Kindle

7. Toothbrush

8. Running clothes (does this count as one?!?!)

9. Slippers

10. My favorite mug

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