Root Yoga: Here to ‘namaste’

The newest local business to set up shop in Oxford has only been open for three weeks and is already thriving. Root Yoga took advantage of the newly available space at 22 West Park Place after Seaview Outfitters moved to its new location on High Street.

An advocate for small business, Root Yoga teamed up with several local businesses and artists to make their studio unique.

With decor from Lane & Kate, construction support from Oxford’s Ace Hardware, and branding design from local artist Keely Rust, their studio is one of a kind. Owned and created by Cody Costanzo and Steve Thomas, Root Yoga offers a haven for local yoga enthusiasts.

Eva Fischer-Rech, a sophomore at Talawanda High School, is grateful for a studio close to home.

“I worked with an amazing yoga instructor in Cincinnati, then I kind of stopped because it was far away.”

Fischer-Rech now has the chance to attend classes three to four times a week, and can choose between any of the twelve classes Root Yoga offers. With styles ranging from Vinyasa flow to a men’s only class, there is really something for everyone. Root Yoga’s extensive, easy to use website has clear descriptions of their classes, as well as the schedule and registration.

The inclusive atmosphere at Root Yoga is one carefully crafted by knowledgeable teachers, and is central to Root Yoga’s philosophy.

“At Root we’re really striving to offer people a safe place where they just feel welcome, encouraged and accepted.” says yoga instructor Katie Noble.

Root Yoga has a wide range of patrons, with Miami students making up around half of the clientele. Root Yoga offers a particular respite from the pressures of college life, a work out space with a different tone than other options in Oxford.

Noble actually began Yoga in college to relieve stress.

“In Oxford there isn’t a lot of encouraging spaces to exercise, I just mean Miami is a competitive place, and college is a very unique time in the development of people and I think there’s a lot of pressure in Oxford for students specifically to perform.”
A distinctive detail Root Yoga offers is a total absence of mirrors in the studio.

Noble explains that they “want people to just be present in the moment and not looking at their bodies…or comparing themselves to someone else”

The lack of comparison feeds into Root Yoga’s judgment free health zone that focuses as much on mental peace as bodily exercise.

“Root is focused more on happiness and health, no matter what that looks like,” says Fischer-Rech.

Root Yoga may be a very new establishment, but their main principles are transparent, refreshing, and an apparent hit in the community.

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