Upcoming Symposium- “Interdisciplinary Environmental Research with a Focus on Zambia

By: Hannah Remmert

Tomorrow, March 14, Miami’s Institute for the Environment and Sustainability will be hosting a symposium entitled “Interdisciplinary Environmental Research with a Focus on Zambia.” The event will take place from 1-6:15 in the Marcum Center, and will consist of three different panels, each to be followed by coffee and refreshments.

The first panel, lasting from 1-2:40 pm will be on the topic of Mining and the Environment. Here’s a breakdown of the schedule:

1:00pm Welcome by President David Hodge: A global university through international collaborations

1:10pm Cameron Hay-Rollins: Miami’s Global Health Reseach Innovation Center

1:20pm Introduction by Jonathan Levy: “Past and future Miami/UNZA/ZEMA collaboration”

1:25pm Keynote. Imasiku Nyambe: “Impacts of past mining activities on the environment in Kabwe Town, Zambia”

2:05pm Sam Mutiti: “The environmental legacy of lead mining in Kabwe, Zambia”

2:30pm John Cinnamon: Resource Extraction, Conservation, and the State in the Northern Gabonese Rain Forest

2:45pm Break: Coffee and snacks

The symposium will reconvene at 3 pm with the new topic of Environmental Health and History.

3:00pm Keynote. Dr. Charles Michelo: “Chemical and heavy metal contamination in selected communities-crude indications for urgent response”

3:40pm Dr. Cameron Hay-Rollins: “Dialectics of humans & environment: social science contributions to environmental health”

3:55pm Dr. Osaak Olumwullah: “African environmental history in the age of the Anthropocene”

4:10pm Dr. Hays Cummins: “Climate change and environmental issues”

4:25pm Break: Coffee and snacks

The third panel will follow from 4:40- 6:15pm with the final topic of “Water Issues; Assessing Environmental Risk”

4:45pm Jana Brazeil: “Water as a human right”

5:00pm Charity Lweya Mundia: “Groundwater transport of copper”

5:30pm Mutande K. Tembo: “Physicochemical and Algal Diversity Assessment of the Kafue River, Zambia”

5:45pm Keynote. Jim Oris: “Conducting an environmental risk assessment”

6:25pm Appetizers

7:00pm Dinner for invited guests

This symposium is sponsored by the Global Health Research Innovation Center, with the Western Program, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Anthropology, Graduate School, Global & Intercultural Studies, Black World Studies, Institute for the Environment & Sustainability, and the Center for American & World Cultures.

The many sponsors of this symposium speak to how wide of an audience exists for environmental issues. Hopefully the different panels will provide new insights on familiar topics, and new points of views from the keynote speakers, most of whom are from Zimbabwe.

All are welcome to attend the symposium for any or all of its speakers.

Symposium Program – Interdisciplinary Environmental Research, March 14, 2016Symposium Flyer – Interdisciplinary Environmental Research, March 14, 2016Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 12.16.59 PM.png

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