Miami senior launches health blog: Addie Does

By Sarah Tyrrell

Photo by Frances Roskam

Senior Addie Rupert is infamous on Miami University’s campus as a health guru. A group fitness instructor at the Rec, you’ll often see her running by you in Oxford as she is always on the go. After running her first marathon at 18, she has set a goal to run a race in every state with completing the Boston Marathon in 2014 and plans to run in next year’s race, too.

And it isn’t as if this girl doesn’t have a heavy course load. Rupert is majoring in kinesiology and minoring in nutrition with hopes of going to PA school within the next few years after graduation. Between studying, running, teaching classes and having a social life, one has to wonder, “how does she do it?”

For many, heading to college can introduce some unhealthy habits between poor choices in the dining hall to introducing alcohol to one’s diet. Add in staying awake into the wee hours of the morning and not getting enough sleep or even failing to be able to carve out some time for fitness every week, all of these things take a toll on the body.

Certainly the key to personal wellness is moderation, but for some finding that balance can be more of a struggle in college.

Rupert saw a void and after requests for guidance on work out plans and meal prepping, she’s decided to go a step farther. With her background in nutrition and personal experience with holistic living, she launched a blog with the help of friend Frances Roskam this month called Addie Does focused on just that.

“It’s mainly geared toward college girls. I know here at Miami people can struggle with eating and fitness. So what I plan to do is put up recipes, workouts, some motivational stuff and some tips,” Rupert explained.

“It’s something I’m so passionate about. I want to live it and help other people live this way.”

The blog has a great emphasis on the fact that “food is fuel” and that a healthy lifestyle is not a change that occurs overnight, there is no instant gratification; it’s a process.

“I plan to motivate and inspire people and just show people it’s possible to be healthy in college.”

Rupert’s story is certainly inspirational. She actually began running her senior year of high school after year’s of dancing competitively and going out for the cross country team with her friends for fun.

After the season ended she said she was intrinsically motivated and kept running on her own with a set goal to run a half marathon May of her senior year of high school.

“Right after I finished [the half marathon] I said, ‘Mom I’m gonna do a full marathon, that wasn’t that bad!’”

During that following summer she trained for the Columbus Marathon in fall 2012 with Marathoners in Training, and at the Columbus Marathon she qualified for Boston.

Over the last few years at Miami, many have been motivated by Rupert. She will continue to be a positive influence in the lives of many with this new blog.

Check out her first post “A Love Letter to Kale” for a taste of what’s to come.


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