Green Tip of the Week – Thanksgiving Edition!

Green It Yourself! How YOU can make your RedHawk life a little Greener.

By Hannah Remmert

In just a couple short days, I’ll be celebrating my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving! What’s not to love about a holiday centered around food, family, and gratitude? Ugh, it’s simply fabulous. But, this holiday certainly has room for improvement in sustainability, as this holiday centers around food. Here are my green tips for your Thanksgiving feast this year!

  1. More is not always better
    Image source: Creative Commons

    According to Earth911, 28 billion pounds of edible food are wasted every year – over 100 per person! Try to create a realistic menu that won’t result in your leftovers finding themselves in a landfill. I know my family can be guilty of this – we don’t each need our own pies! Or, if you do end up with leftovers, be sure to freeze them so you can eat them later.

  2. Shop Smart
    Image Source: Creative Commons

    Another way to create a big environmental difference this Thanksgiving is with your food choices. Buying foods that are organic, local, and in season are the best ways to cut down on your “food miles,” or the amount of miles your food is transported from where it’s grown to your plate. The farther your food had to travel, the more CO2 was emitted in the process. Plus, organic produce is better for the land – fewer pesticides and other harmful chemicals being leached into the soil and creating harmful run-off in our water sources. And when you’re buying local, you’re supporting your local economy. It’s a win-win!

  3. Try vegetarian 
    Image Source: Creative Commons

    Obviously, Thanksgiving turkey is probably your jam (as it is for most Americans). While buying an organic, locally-raised turkey would be awesome, you could also try some vegetarian entrees and sides this year! This article offers a whopping 33 vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes! This article has a few good suggestions as well, like a recipe for stuffed acorn squash that I want to try.

  4. Reduce, reuse, recycle
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    Image Source: Creative Commons

    It’s certainly easier to use disposable dishes and silverware, especially if it’s a meal for a big crowd. But this Thanksgiving, volunteer to do the dishes to avoid having to throw out disposable dishware. Also, remember to recycle the packaging and compost and remains that won’t be eaten.


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