Green Tip of the Week – G/Valentine’s Edition!

Green It Yourself! How YOU can make your RedHawk life a little Greener.

By Hannah Remmert

All right everybody, the notorious Valentine’s Day is upon us. So whether you’re planning a romantic celebration with your SO or a sweet Galentine’s event with your closest gal pals, check out these tips to make your celebrations a little more sustainable!


  1. Skip the flashy Valentine’s cards
    • According to CNN, 151 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year. It’s a pretty sure guarantee that most of these, no matter how funny or cute they are, will probably end up in a landfill at some point. This year, try an online Valentine instead. Check out JibJab’s hilarious customizable cards here!
  2. Cut the Roses
    • 51% of Americans buy flowers for Valentine’s which, tbh, are totally overdone and cliche. Plus, they’re most likely going to end up in a landfill after a couple of weeks. What if you tried a potted plant or herb this year? Especially if you and your SO enjoy cooking together, herbs are a practical gift which you can use to spice things up in the future.
  3. Fair Trade Chocolate
    • We’ve said it again and again, but go with the fair trade option when it comes to chocolates! For such a tiny difference in cost, these chocolates can make a huge environmental difference. Read more about the best fair trade chocolate brands here.

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