The (ECO)lution

By: Mia Lee

On many occasions, most of us pick out what we buy are based on our mood, the weather, etc. But many of us are unaware of the clothing industries that support environmental causes. Recently, many companies such as Happy Earth apparel and Ten Tree promote eco-friendly organizations and use their profits to raise money for those types of programs. Below is a list of my favorites based on the style of their clothing, where their profits go and price range.


Devoted Ocean Company

This company has very cute accessories and shirts at a reasonable price range. The overall aspect of their line is a minimalist type of style, and you can easily wear their accessories as accent pieces


Proof Eyewear

This company has very unique glasses that are made of wood. Their profits are donated to replant trees, aid with reforestation in Haiti and, just last year, they donated $12,000 to The Nature Conservancy in Idaho.


Ten tree

Ten trees are planted for every purchased item. They sell sweatshirts, hats and more. Although it is a bit pricy (depending on the type of clothing item), it is completely worth the splurge since the winter season is starting to roll in, and the materials used are good quality. This company also had aesthetically pleasing clothing.


Happy Earth

This company tries to encourage others to be mindful of environmental topics such as climate change, deforestation and ocean pollution,it also promotes awareness of each cause for every purchase. All purchases are packaged in 100% recycled items and are reasonably priced. They have collaborative, trendy pieces you can pair easily with such as a simple t-shirt from happy tree with a pair of ripped jeans and booties.


Sararose on Oak

This company donates 10% of every purchase to ocean conservancy. The products they sell are cruelty free, natural and organic. Each of the items from clothing to accessories are great for someone who wants to amp up their closet—similar to Free People and Urban Outfitters. This line is a little bit more expensive (depends on lifestyle choice: minimalist, fashionista, etc.), but it raises awareness towards important causes such as animal cruelty.


Each of these companies truly promote the causes that are affecting our environment and have a nice trendy vibe. Many of these companies have different price ranges and styles, but all of them have a main goal of keeping everyone updated on the environmental issues and encouraging buyers to be more mindful of our surroundings. By supporting each of these companies and many more to come, you can make everyone more aware of the issues facing our environment and how we all can contribute to making shopping more more eco-friendly.  

Photos via Pixabay.

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