GECOS (Eco-friendly gifts)

By: Mia Lee

On many occasions, many of us are stumped as to what to get someone. Whether it’s for Valentine’s day, a birthday, or a special occasion, we want that person to have something they would like to have but spend a reasonable amount of money on the person. I am here to tell you that you can have the best of both worlds. There are plenty of gifts that you can create with spending little to no money while protecting the environment. The following diys are the ones that I find are easy to make, affordable, eco friendly, and something that someone would enjoy having!

Lemon bath bombs
This diy is great for someone who is really into scents. It is a great alternative because you can use essential oils with it with lemon juice!

Soy candle
This diy is great for someone who is a lover of candles, and this is eco friendly because it uses all natural products to create the candle. It is easy to do at home and in your dorm!

Sugar scrub trio
This is a great way to have a spa day in the comfort of your home! I think this is great for the winter and fall times during the year because the instructions use natural products as well as ones that are easy to find at home! I recommend using the products during the cold, dry times during the year so you can have nice glowing skin!

This is a great way to reuse your old t-shirts that you haven’t worn for a long time. It saves waste, and you can put your old clothes to good use by not using a paper bag at a grocery store!

Candy jars
This diy saves space, and eliminates the use of plastic bags to store the candy. I like customizing the mason jars with a sharpie or painting them to make it your own! You can even pair it with a ribbon to make it look fancy!

Emergency kit mason jar
This is a great idea for party favors, and you can do this by purchasing mini mason jars, ribbon, and mini essentials at the dollar store. These reusable jars are much better for the environment than a plastic gift bag.  

Confetti cup
This is a fancy alternative to a water bottle. You can create this by getting a clear tumbler in the craft section or the craft store and using wrapping paper or construction paper to put inside the cup.This diy is a good alternative to the regular plastic cup alternative, and it is also a cute gift to give to someone who is usually on the go!

Photo collage
This one is one of my personal favorites because then you can use the pictures on your wall of in a frame instead of using a photo album to save trees!

Next time your’re in the mood to craft or need a last minute gift for a friend, try one of these eco-friendly ideas!

Photo via Pixabay. 

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