Sign Up for Green Clean Up 2018

Calling all Miami University students and Oxford community members:

Miami University’s Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary is pairing with EcoReps to host their annual Green Clean from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, March 16th.

It is a community service opportunity where the chapter’s member and others interested in volunteering through areas surrounding campus and uptown Oxford that need to be cleaned after Green Beer Day. The litter that is produced on Green Beer Day can be harmful to the environment because of the sheer amount of litter. Additionally, if the litter is not cleaned up soon after it is produced, it has a greater chance of blowing into storm drains and ending up in nearby waterways.

The Green Clean is a great way to clean up the trash before it has the ability to harm our environment. The event had a great turnout last year, and the City of Oxford really appreciates the efforts. As of right now, Dr. Crawford might even plan to attend the event!

People can get involved by contacting Caity Bell, or filling out this google form. The volunteers will start by meeting in Armstrong outside of Emporium in order to get gloves, bags, and block assignments. We hope you can participate in this great event and help make Oxford a more environmentally-friendly town.


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