Green Tips of the Week: Back-to-School

Moving back to campus and starting new classes can be a hectic time, but there are still ways to be green during this process! We are here to help you keep the environment in mind during this time in a few simple ways.


Take the BCRTA busses

When you have to travel from one end of campus to the other, it is tempting to bring your car along. This is especially true with the humidity Oxford has been experiencing lately. If it is too hot to walk campus, try taking the bus! These busses run the same route on the weekdays and even have routes on the weekend. This type of carpooling helps save money on gas and limits the amount of emissions going into the air. Download the BuzTrakr app for easy access to the BCRTA’s maps and routes.


Take inventory on school supplies

It is so common to throw out last semester’s notebooks, pens and pencils and buy brand new ones for the start of a new semester. Before you do this, take a look at these used notebooks to see how much room there still is left to use. Rip out the used papers, and reuse the notebook for a new class. This can save hundreds of sheets of paper! If you do need new supplies, look for recycled notebooks at retailers like Target and biodegradable bens by Paper Mate.


Pack a lunch in a reusable container

With homework, club meetings, and group projects happening in the same day, it can get difficult to make it back to your dorm or apartment for meals. Instead of throwing a snack or sandwich into Ziploc bags, remember to use tupperware or a reusable lunch bag instead. Also, Miami University has many water bottle refill stations, which make it easy to refill bottles instead of buying a new one every time. Bring a reusable aluminum or BPA-free water bottle around campus to help reduce Miami’s plastic waste.


Buy eco-friendly clothes

A new wardrobe is a staple for the start of a new school year. You can be eco-friendly and stylish all in one this semester. Try clothes like H&M’s Conscious Collection and Patagonia this semester for an eco-friendly, stylish wardrobe. As you are getting rid of your old clothes, try to donate them to GoodWill, Salvation Army or some of your friends!


The start of a new school year is an exciting time and a time for fresh starts. Give these tips a try this semester to help make the back-to-school tradition a little more green.


Photo via Pixabay.

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