Caroline’s Column: Popular and Environmentally-Friendly Trends

By: Caroline Roethlisberger

Can you be environmentally-friendly while staying on-trend? Yep! After doing some research, I was surprised to discover that there are many popular trends and products that are already environmentally-friendly. It is possible to look cool and be green at the same time!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Patagonia! Everyday this winter, I see countless students walking around campus in jackets and sweaters labeled with the iconic Patagonia logo. Turns out that many of their products are vegan. They also have rain jackets that are made from recycled materials. Now you can stay warm while being sensitive to the environment!

Rihanna came out with her own beauty line, Fenty Beauty. The brand went viral with YouTube beauty gurus and Instagram bloggers, and many of their products are vegan/cruelty-free. This includes their foundations, lipsticks and brushes. While the brand name comes with a considerable price tag, its high-quality ratings and environmental consideration are well worth it!

Your daily Starbucks order can be environmentally-friendly, too! Ditch that plastic or paper cup, and bring your own mug/thermos to give to the cashier. You will even receive a 10 cent discount! Then, swap your usual milk choice with one that’s plant-based. Forget the whipped cream, and you’re favorite drink now reduces your environmental impact and still tastes great! Here are a few ideas.

You may have heard of ASOS- its an online British website for apparel, skin care, accessories, etc. It has its own “ECO section”. And. . . it’s pretty affordable! When I shop for environmentally-friendly items online, I expect to see a higher price tag for organic, vegan and cruelty-free products; so, when I saw the prices on their website, I was ecstatic!

Allbirds, a New Zealand shoe company, makes “the world’s most comfortable shoes.” These shoes use recycled materials and packaging and ethically-sourced wool. The company considers animal-welfare and their production uses 60 percent less energy than other synthetically-made shoes.  

Girlfriend is an online site that sells cute and sustainably made clothes. From leggings and sports bras to maternity wear, their clothes are made from recycled materials and plastic collected from the ocean!

Let us know your favorite environmentally-friendly clothing, products or websites!


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