Sustainably Rejuvenate your College Life

By: Lindsey Brown

As we near the halfway point of the fall semester, many of us are facing exams, due dates and the inevitable mid-semester slump. With Fall Break behind us, there are a few more long weeks ahead before Thanksgiving Break. So if you’re counting down the days and wishing for school to be over, not to worry! There are lots of fun, easy and sustainable ways to spruce up your dorm room and daily life in order to rejuvenate and reset for the next half of the fall semester. 

Decorate with plants

Brighten up your dorm room with colorful, beneficial plants! Plants contribute to the cleanliness and air quality of dorm rooms and help reduce natural odors without the use of aerosol sprays. Additionally, plants can significantly improve your mood. Studies have shown that having multiple plants in your living space can increase productivity, improve your mood and help provide a better night’s sleep. 

Bike to class

A little exercise each day can greatly contribute to your overall health, attitude and well-being. Riding a bike to class as opposed to driving a car or riding the bus allows for easy exercise and reduces the contribution of mobile-sources of air pollution on campus. Biking reduces stress, is cheaper than buying a parking pass and is fun! 

Reusable Water Bottles

Increasing your water intake is a simple way to significantly improve your health, promote a higher energy level and brain function, and prevent headaches. However, keep in mind the benefits of using reusable water bottles rather than plastic bottles. Plastic water bottles, as with any single use plastic, are a danger to the environment. Miami offers free reusable water bottles at many campus events, so be on the lookout for one. Also, using a reusable water bottle encourages a mentality for more water intake each day. 

Clothing Swap and Goodwill Shopping 

Having new clothes is a fun mood booster and can be a great way to bond with friends. Consider trying out a clothing swap! Select clothes from your closet you are looking to share with others, have your friends do the same, and start swapping! Creating new outfits can be something to look forward to in the next couple months and swapping is a sustainable way to acquire new clothes. Shopping from the Oxford Goodwill is another great way to find new clothes in a sustainable way.  

Make a donation  

Don’t want to swap? No problem! Pick clothes out of your closet you are looking to part with and donate them to our local Goodwill. This is a great way to clean out your dorm room, rejuvenate your living space and act sustainably. Cleaning out unused clothing, or any other wastes in your dorm room, can be a great way to reduce waste and recycle goods. 

Rearrange the furniture 

Reorganizing the furniture in your dorm room in order to take advantage of the natural light in your room is a great way to reduce the use of lamps and overhead lights and invigorate your living space. Diminish the need for artificial lighting by arranging your desk and chair near your window to capitalize on the natural light. Moving around the furniture in your dorm room can revitalize and stimulate the second half of your semester and set you up for success. 

Get involved 

Finally, a fantastic way to be sustainable in college is getting involved on campus with green organizations. There are many environmental-oriented organizations through Miami that are a fantastic way to be involved on campus and protect the environment. Be sure to explore these organizations on The Hub webpage. 


Cover photo courtesy of Pixabay

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