Sustainability at Miami via Student Perspectives

By: Elizabeth Weber

This semester, GreenHawks Media has an investigative committee tasked with looking into how Miami’s Love and Honor code works with sustainability and recycling. For this first article, writer Elizabeth Weber asked fellow classmates for their perspectives. Next time, the committee will look into the truth and find out if these views hold value or not.


Omar Larios, Sophomore, Finance & Accountancy Major

“I think recycling and sustainability is important, but I don’t think our campus values it. We aren’t required to be educated about it, so a lot of what gets thrown into recycling isn’t actually recyclable.”


Alex Haushalter, Sophomore, Economics & Urban Regional Planning Major

“I think that Miami has a responsibility to the students and community to be open and transparent. Hearing these rumors [about recycling] is beyond disheartening. I hope that the administration hears our voices and begins to align their values with the student bodies.”


Owen Salciccioli, Freshman, Mathematics & Statistics Major 

“I think recycling is good! It’s an easy way for Miami to help the environment. Also, more sustainability is always a good thing, whenever you can use less resources to accomplish a goal that’s awesome. Miami should strive for sustainability at all times!”


Sammie Heft, Sophomore, Integrated Mathematics Major

“I really don’t know that much about sustainability on campus, but it seems a waste that the dorm lights are on 24/7. Bathrooms could just be motion activated and even the halls/common rooms should be dimmed at night or motion activated as well to conserve electricity!”


Sam Pearl, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Major

“Recycling is good, but I don’t feel that I know enough about it to truly appreciate all that it does for our environment and God’s great Earth.”


Danielle Burns, Sophomore, Spanish and Spanish Education Major

“I think sustainability and recycling are very important topics to be thought about, especially right now. I feel like in history, sustainability was not a concern because the focus was on growth/industrialization and consumerism. Now, we are noticing that we cannot continue the same way we have been because we are blowing through all of our resources and have real issues with pollution, waste and supply. This problem is growing exponentially and our generation needs to do something about it – which is difficult to convince people of because it is not typically convenient.”


Dorian Frampton, Sophomore, Data Science Major

“I have heard rumors that the school puts our trash and recycling in the same place. If this is true, then I am outraged. Recycling is a civic duty, and it is not difficult. Do your duty, and save our home.”


Mackenzie Cook, Freshman, Nursing Major

“Miami University has made a lot of strides towards the right direction, with the many sustainability organizations on campus to President Crawford signing the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitment on April 22; however, I feel like there are many downfalls as well. Recycling is questionable, and every single one of us needs more education to make more sustainable choices – on campus and at home.”


Maxwell Katsikas, Sophomore, Psychology Major 

“I think that the school can do more to recycle. There have been multiple times that there are no recycling bins around when I want to recycle but there are trash cans. Also I think the school can do more to educate people about recycling practices. A lot of people don’t know what can and cannot be recycled.”


Next time, the investigative committee will explore some of these views and how Miami falls short in a lot of cases. Specifically, GreenHawks writers will look into recycling and how Miami can increase education about different sustainability topics. 


Cover photo courtesy of Elizabeth Weber

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