GHM Alumni Profile: From Oxford to D.C.

To celebrate GreenHawks Media’s 10th anniversary in 2020, the site will feature profiles of alumni staff writers that contributed to the publication’s content and mission during their time at Miami University. Our March spotlight is Katherine Kohls, a 2011 GreenHawks and Miami alum.

By: Claire Rinck

As a college student, thinking about your future can often be very overwhelming and confusing. We struggle to grasp any sort of concept of what we want to do, so we often explore through other comfortable means like clubs, study abroad opportunities, university organizations, different subject areas and more. Though the college ‘bubble’ is real, that bubble can open your eyes to new opportunities that can help shape and influence your future. 

When GreenHawks alum Katherine Kohls reflected on her Miami experience, she discussed how she always was open to new ideas and opportunities, avenues that have been instrumental in helping her take on new roles and problem solve in her career. Like most Miami students, Kohl, a 2011 alum, became involved with many different organizations on campus and was dedicated to her studies in journalism, international relations and marketing. During Katherine’s junior year, she was asked to join another student group that was just beginning to form: GreenHawks Media. When she joined, GreenHawks was being created out of a class assignment for an Environmental Journalism class by a few Miami seniors. 

The future of GreenHawks was left in Katherine’s hands once the seniors graduated. From there, she worked tirelessly to grow the publication of one member, herself, to a group of twelve by the time she graduated in 2011. 

When Katherine reflected on her time at GreenHawks, she talked about how grateful she was for all of the opportunities she gained and the lessons she learned from her experiences. Today, Katherine still uses the skills she has learned from her college career towards her passions for fighting for the free press, increasing corporate responsibility and sustainability, and effective teamwork. 

Katherine seized any opportunities that came her way at Miami, which led her to spend a Semester at Sea with the University of Virginia and an American Greetings Internship in product development and marketing. Miami also launched her eight-year career with StarTribute Media. More recently, Katherine seized another opportunity, this time with The Washington Post, where she now works as a Director of Client Solutions within the large marketing team there in Washington D.C.. 

Katherine is passionate about teamwork and creating community at the Washington Post because she feels that she has gained so much from the Miami University network as a whole. When asked what advice she had for Miami students, Kohls said, “Get involved,  ask for help, seek internships, and always ask questions.” Through trying new things and saying yes to new opportunities, we are able to open ourselves up to so many more opportunities and experiences that can help you into your future.

Katherine credits much of her leadership development and passion to her studies and involvement with GreenHawks Media, where she was able to explore and blaze her own trail. Through following our own passions, I hope that we can each learn something from Katherine’s outlook on life so that we can blaze trails of our own.

Cover photo courtesy of Katherine Kohls

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