See You Soon, GreenHawks

This week’s content will be a series of pieces from this year’s leadership team- enjoy!

By: Caroline Roethlisberger

Wow, GreenHawks! It’s been an incredible year! The awesome articles from our writers, stunning pictures from our new photographers and the fantastic work from Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Liszka, and Marketing Manager, Taylor McCann, have made me incredibly proud. Thank you to everyone who put in such hard work this year! 

When I first began writing for GreenHawks, we only had a few writers. This year, I’ve seen our staff size grow along with the quality and quantity of the content we offer our readers. As we continue with our 10th anniversary this fall, I am confident we will continue to grow as a publication! 

As I conclude my year as Business Manager, I’ve reflected on everything that I’ve learned from being a part of this organization. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I learn something new about sustainability. The increased staff size and the amazing articles they write always leave me feeling hopeful about the sustainability efforts happening both on and off campus, and I’ve loved seeing what students, faculty and alumni are doing to protect our planet. 

Writing for GreenHawks myself, I have also learned more about how I can live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle as a college student. To me, sustainability means practicing habits that limit my personal impact on the planet so that it can be an equally beautiful place for future generations. 

What does sustainability mean to you?

I would like to encourage both our readers and our writers to continue learning about and practicing sustainability over the summer months so we can reconvene with new ideas and information about being green in the fall. I am so excited to see what we will do next semester! 

Thanks again, for a great year, GreenHawks! 



Photo courtesy of Caroline Roethlisberger

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