Until Next Fall!

This is the publication’s final piece for the spring 2020 semester. Sofia Liszka will continue to serve as Editor in Chief this fall when GreenHawks Media’s content production and 10th Anniversary celebration resume.

By: Sofia Liszka

Though this spring semester was unpredictable and challenging, it was still a successful and memorable time for my team at GreenHawks Media. Back in March, we announced our intent to post throughout the remote semester, and we did just that! We truly hope you’ve enjoyed keeping up with our content and coverage of environmental issues, alumni profiles, quarantine photography, foodie features, lifestyle tips and more this spring. 

In the fall, we covered the 50th anniversary of Miami’s Institute for the Environment and Sustainability and the campus climate strike, two truly special events for our community. I smile as I look back on those times and cannot wait for what’s to come. I’m eager to see GreenHawks continue working with other students, staff, organizations and community members to grow our collective environmental knowledge and mindfulness.

I can’t thank my staff enough for maintaining their enthusiasm, curiosity and commitment to GreenHawks during this semester and school year. Those traits define what it means to channel a passion for the environment and sustainability into writing and photography and share that perspective with others. More than anything, GreenHawks is a vehicle for unique & truthful environmental communication, and it has been a privilege to lead this group through the 2019-2020 school year. 

An interest in the environment and sustainability doesn’t require a science major, job, hobby or habit. Our staff of 25 writers and photographers come from a variety of academic backgrounds. Architecture. Nutrition. Journalism. Environmental Earth Science. Spanish. Economics. Social Justice Studies. Psychology. Bioengineering. Supply Chain and Operations Management. Biology. Statistics. Finance. Geography. Zoology. Political Science. Public Health. Accounting. Interactive Media Studies. Marketing. Diverse disciplines and interests speak to the embeddedness of sustainability and environmental awareness in all walks of life.

Thank you to this year’s outgoing executive team and graduating seniors– your involvement and continuous hard work have helped our publication grow into what we see today, ten years after GreenHawks was founded here at Miami. Many of our current members just finished their first year on staff with GreenHawks: I can’t wait to see what we discover and share this fall through the publication. 

Fall 2020 also marks the second half of GreenHawks Media’s 10th anniversary celebration. I look forward to recognizing how far we’ve come but also sharing the directions in which we plan to go next! Stay safe and healthy, and thank you for your support of Miami University’s student-run environmental publication.




Cover photo courtesy of Sofia Liszka

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