Outdoors in Oxford: New Trail Loading…

By: Mack Lotz

A new trail is officially open in Oxford! Once finished, this 12 mile trail will run around campus and up to Talawanda Middle School and Oxford Community Park. Anyone is able to use this trail, and you can travel it any way you want: rollerblading, walking, running, biking, with pets or without. It is covered by a canopy of trees and follows alongside Four Mile Creek and through the woods. Further along the trail there is a beautiful, historic covered bridge to take pictures in front of and enjoy!

Unfortunately, this trail is not completely finished yet, but it is in the process of being completed in a series of phases. As of right now, the part around campus is completely finished, and students and staff are able to enter from Pfeffer Park, the Equestrian Center and by Bonham Road, just past Yager Stadium. All three access points are depicted below. The part of the trail that has not yet been finished is accessible through Dewitt Cabin and can be used to ride mountain bikes due to the fact that it is very rough and unpaved. 

Map of Oxford Area Trails System color-coded by phase of construction. 

While the rest of the trail still has a ways to go, more of it will be complete by the end of this year, and the trail system will still be available while under construction. So if you’re on campus, take a break from quarantine and go check out the new trail! If you’re like me— stuck at home— then hopefully we will be able to enjoy it soon enough!  

For other trail routes in Oxford, see Miami University’s virtual and printable trail maps.

Map provided by Helaine Alessio. 

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