5 Eco-Friendly YouTubers You Should Be Watching

By: Annalise Chapdelaine

Youtube has millions of videos on sustainability, so it can be hard to narrow down which ones are worth subscribing to. Here is a list of some popular eco-friendly YouTubers who make videos on everything from shopping tips to low-waste travel. Many of them have blogs and Instagram accounts in addition to YouTube channels, so if videos aren’t your thing, make sure to check those out instead!


Jhánneu’s goal is to make “low waste and sustainable living inclusive” by creating accessible and realistic content geared towards newcomers and seasoned environmentalists alike. Her videos are around 10 minutes, making them perfect for a study break! Jhánneu covers topics like low waste gift guides, using shampoo bars with curly hair, greenwashing, and sustainable fashion. Her blog, Low Waste Beauty, was launched in 2020 and features short interviews and product recommendations that I could scroll through forever. Follow her Instagram, subscribe to her YouTube channel, or check out her blog!


The low-waste community may seem intimidating or critical, but recent college graduate Megan McSherry is on a mission to change that. Her tagline, “progress not perfection,” perfectly describes her realistic approach to sustainable living. Her YouTube is mostly thrifting videos, but her blog and Instagram are chock-full of habits that readers can incorporate into their lives to promote tangible progress. Do you need guides on how to ask brands to be more sustainable? How about an introduction to the global supply chain? Maybe a look into how to be sustainable in college, from someone who started her journey in college? Megan has it all! Follow her Instagram, subscribe to her YouTube channel, or check out her blog!

Andrea Katerina

Like Megan, Andrea Katerina’s channel is an effort to reduce gatekeeping in the no- and low-waste community. Her content is intersectional, welcoming and informative, and sits right at the intersection of politics and the environment. Thrift hauls and sustainable shopping, ways to be environmentally conscious without being vegan, and critiques of the zero waste movement are just a few of the videos you can find on her channel. If you’re interested in recognizing and fighting the ableism, elitism, and racism in the sustainable living community, Andrea’s channel is definitely one to keep in mind. Check out her YouTube and Instagram!

Thrifts and Tangles

Tyler Chanel’s blog and Youtube bring “a mix of thrifted fashion, natural hair inspiration, and sustainability tips” from the Los Angeles based ethical blogger. I wish she had more subscribers because her content deserves the recognition — her YouTube features upcycled presents for her fiancé, tips for quitting fast fashion, and her favorite Black-owned sustainable businesses. Tyler’s blog is more detailed with posts about natural hair products for desert climates and a list of grad school supplies recommended by grad school students. Her genuine personality absolutely shines through her content and I’m always excited to see her updates in my inbox! Take a look at her YouTube, Instagram, and blog!


Shelbi has been creating an online community where “anyone can come and feel like they can make a difference” since 2010, and her YouTube channel is teeming with tips on how to reduce carbon emissions, incorporate zero-waste habits into your daily routine, and the truth about low-waste living. She is open about all the weird things she does to help the environment and it’s refreshing to see behavior that will hopefully be normalized in the future.  To top it off, she had a low-waste, entirely vegan wedding! Take a look at her YouTube, Instagram, and blog!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

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