Photo series: Road Trip to North Dakota

By: Gia Mariani

 Over Easter weekend I decided to take a road trip to Fargo, ND with some of my friends. Why go to Fargo? Well besides being known for the movie and tv show that take place in it, Fargo also has over 60 parks and conservation areas! I spent one of my days there photographing in the Orchard Glen Nature Park, within the Forest River Conservation Area. 

The first trail down from the car park.
Another fully cleared trail we walked down.
Some dried pods that hadn’t fully decomposed.
Part of the river that runs through the park.
 Some of the banks along the river. We found fresh evidence of beavers.
Another larger area of the river.
 More river banks.
 A baby spider perches on a piece of old wood.
Seconds before disaster. My friends intended to push this tree over into the water, instead it fell a different direction and hit me. Luckily, my camera and I were only a little scratched up, but my lens was too caked in mud to continue photographing. 

Photos courtesy of Gia Mariani.

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