Walk ‘The Walk’ Through Photos

By: Annie Lalonde

During J-term I walked almost 200 miles of El Camino in Spain. Camino de Santiago is more a pilgrimage than just ‘a walk’ as the name in Spanish directly translates. The path goes through Spain, France, and Italy. There are numerous routes and starting points that pilgrims can use; however, all routes lead to Santiago, Spain. Their paths have been used for 2,000 years, but the last 1,500 have been used by most Christians as a pilgrimage to the burial place of the Apostle James. Pilgrims use El Camino for spiritual guidance, personal growth, and a healthy challenge. Below are some captured images of the nature I came across while hiking with my fellow classmates. I truly felt engulfed in Spain’s countryside and enjoyed every minute of it. If you ever have the opportunity to hike El Camino, take it!

All photos by Annie Lalonde

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