Caroline’s Column: a Sustainable Thanksgiving

By: Caroline Roethlisberger Thanksgiving break is approaching, and I’ve been wondering what I’m going to eat while the rest of my family devours our Thanksgiving turkey and holiday ham. Traditionally, most of our meal contains some form of animal product. Even the mashed potatoes are mixed with butter and the green bean casserole has some … More Caroline’s Column: a Sustainable Thanksgiving

Caroline’s Column: Confronting Cynical Carnivores

By: Caroline Roethlisberger With the holidays quickly approaching, I’ve begun to wonder how I am going to manage eating amongst my carnivorous relatives. Because this Thanksgiving will be my first major holiday celebration as a vegan, I foresee active experimentation with food options and a lot of explaining about my dietary restrictions. While I have received a … More Caroline’s Column: Confronting Cynical Carnivores

Caroline’s Column: The Vegan Mentality

By: Caroline Roethlisberger So far, I’ve written a lot about the struggles of finding tasty vegan and vegetarian options on campus. Besides meal options, one of the most difficult aspects of fulfilling a sustainable diet is maintaining consistency and refusing temptations. The mental hardships are undoubtedly a recurring obstacle that I have found on my sustainable … More Caroline’s Column: The Vegan Mentality

Miami’s New Co-Major– Food Systems

By: Shannon Reilly         As we face environmental challenges and change, our food systems continue to come up in the discussion of the cause of environmental issues. Synthetic fertilizers pollute water, methane from livestock inflates the greenhouse effect and the loss of natural vegetation decreases biodiversity, just to name a few of the wide range … More Miami’s New Co-Major– Food Systems

Caroline’s Column: Dining Hall Smoothie Bowls

By: Caroline Roethlisberger One common misconception about vegan/vegetarian eating is that meal options are limited and boring. Despite my efforts to be environmentally conscious through my diet, it’s often discouraging when my dietary options lack convenience and taste and cost more than I’m willing to spend. While it can be difficult to find delicious and filling … More Caroline’s Column: Dining Hall Smoothie Bowls

Caroline’s Column: Vegetarian Snack Staples

By: Caroline Roethlisberger As a sophomore, I live on campus without a car, so I am often confined to campus dining options. As a vegetarian/modified vegan, this is unfortunate, especially since I’ve eaten my fair share of vegan spinach salads from Armstrong. As a picky eater, I also find some dining hall foods to be … More Caroline’s Column: Vegetarian Snack Staples

Crop Connections

By: Ryan Bourgart Most of us take our food for granted. How many of us know from which state it originated, the resources that go into its journey from farm to fork or the spicy history that is buried beyond our knowledge, like the tear squeezing flesh of a growing onion? The goal of the … More Crop Connections