Until Next Fall!

This is the publication’s final piece for the spring 2020 semester. Sofia Liszka will continue to serve as Editor in Chief this fall when GreenHawks Media’s content production and 10th Anniversary celebration resume. By: Sofia Liszka Though this spring semester was unpredictable and challenging, it was still a successful and memorable time for my team … More Until Next Fall!

Alison’s Essentials

Like everyone, I’ll easily admit that I have more stuff than I need. But if I had to rank my top 10 most important possessions from looking around my dorm room, here’s what I’d pick: Laptop Phone Backpack, because it’s like an extra limb at this point Ipod (I may be the only person who … More Alison’s Essentials

Anna’s Essentials

The minimalist lifestyle, appealing to some only when in the process of moving, is a very rational solution to our society’s strong dependence on “stuff”. Admittedly, my house is quite cluttered, although I suspect I could scale down significantly with minimal tears. I’ve spent summers digging in the garden of a summer cottage with no … More Anna’s Essentials