IMG_0624-2 - Helena Wolenski

Helena Wolenski is this year’s Editor in Chief. She is a senior Environmental Earth Science and Professional Writing double major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is interested in water management and hopes to pursue a career in sustainable urban development.

Shannon Reilly is this year’s Social Media & Marketing Manager. She is a junior Public Health major with a co-major in Sustainability. Outside of GreenHawks Media, she is also involved in CHAARG, a women’s wellness organization, and the Miami Institute for Food. After graduating from Miami, Shannon hopes to go on to graduate school or work for a nonprofit.

Annie Lalonde is this year’s Business Manager. She is a pre-law junior majoring in International Studies and Sustainability with minors in Spanish and Global Perspectives in Sustainability. She is from Naperville, Illinois, and one of her favorite things to do is go on nature adventures with her friends. Her dream job is to be an international lawyer helping countries with water rights and social justice issues.

Staff Writers

IMG_0127 - Makayla Archer

Makayla Archer is a junior studying Supply Chain & Operations Management, Environmental Sciences and Entrepreneurship. She is a long-time nature-lover and has goals of starting her own sustainable business. She enjoys watching documentaries, heavy-lifting and journaling in her free time.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 1.49.52 PM.png

Lindsey Brown is a junior Public Health: Epidemiology Major and Environmental Science co-major with a minor in Political Science from Seattle, Washington. She enjoys reading, exercising and learning about topical events about the environment. She enjoys writing for GHM because she gets to explore topics she is less familiar with. She hopes to one day work for a program that aids in prevention and promoting health in needing communities.

Annalise Chapdelaine is a freshman from Eagan, Minnesota majoring in History and minoring in French and German. She loves hiking, writing, road trips, learning languages, skiing and coffee. She is excited to write for GreenHawks and is interested in sustainable farming, the impact environmental issues have on indigenous peoples, and making eco-consciousness student-friendly.

Lindsay Cook is a junior studying English Literature and Integrated Language Arts English Education. She loves taking walks, reading and writing, and cuddling with her cat. She hopes to promote the importance of environmental awareness in her future classroom.

AidanDas - Aidan Das

Aidan Das is a senior from Columbus, Ohio majoring in Biology and Environmental Science. She loves running, kayaking and yoga. She is interested in the sustainability of cities and businesses and hopes to pursue a career in environmental consulting or environmental law.

Jackie Dutkanych was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. As a junior, her enthusiasm about the environment has continued to grow through her education at Miami University. She strives to enlighten the public about small changes they can make that will help protect our delicate ecosystems. Jackie is becoming a registered yoga instructor. She enjoys music festivals and swimming.

Katie Gabe is a freshman studying Biology. She is from Columbus, Ohio, and is passionate about sustainability and nature. She spends her free time painting and relaxing with her friends and family and is an amateur portrait photographer. She is interested in a career in marine biology and hopes to one day work in research benefiting efforts toward a more sustainable world.

Karis Gladieux is a sophomore from Toledo, Ohio. She’s majoring in Marketing with a co-major in Arts Management. She loves music, theatre, traveling, writing, and has a passion for creating change in her community. She hopes to impact the thinking of others when it comes to environmental concerns and what Miami as a whole can do to help!

Sammy Harris is the voice behind the publication’s new MIND FOOD lifestyle column. She is a junior with a major in Finance and a minor in Chinese. Whether she is getting work done at her favorite coffee shop or going on a long walk in a forest preserve, most will find her with her daily planner in hand and a cup of cold brew in the other, as her passionately intellectual mind searches for self-improvement.

Blair Hassett is a third-year from Cincinnati, Ohio majoring in Political Science with a co-major in Sustainability. She is currently completing a Master of Environmental Science degree in Miami’s combined program. She is interested in attending law school after Miami and specializing in environmental law.

Nathaniel Ike is a junior from Columbus, Ohio majoring in Political Science. On campus, he is involved in College Democrats, Model U.N., and Associated Student Government.

Naiyi Jiang (Themis) is a junior from Chengdu, China majoring in Individualized Studies. She loves to hike, learn about plants and hopes to one day work in environmental conservation. With the rest of her time at Miami, she wants to learn more and challenge herself.

Alex Knutte is a junior majoring in Environmental Earth Science with a co-major in Sustainability. She is interested in a career in environmental law and policy. Her hobbies include hiking, swimming and spending time with friends. Fun fact: she swam across the Boston Harbor!

Mackenzie Lotz is a sophomore from Fishers, Indiana majoring in Political Science and Journalism with minors in Spanish and History. She is interested in how college students can become more environmentally conscious and what Miami can do for the environment. She is passionate about the environment and her dogs!

Taylor McCann is a junior from Mount Vernon, Ohio with majors in Strategic Communications and Community Nutrition. After graduation, Taylor plans to work for a nonprofit organization.

Maria Mealy is a senior from Akron, Ohio majoring in Zoology with a Sustainability co-major. After undergrad, she hopes to join the Peace Corps, attend graduate school, earn her doctorate and dedicate her life to research on sustainability, animal evolution, and development of renewable energy resources. She enjoys hiking, traveling the world and hanging out with her dog.


Claire Rinck is a senior pursuing a double major in Social Justice Studies and Geography & Sustainable Development with a minor in Latin American Studies. Claire is from Atlanta, Georgia, and her main passions are social and environmental justice. She is also an advocate for the understanding of (dis)abilities, youth mentoring, greener living, global crises and gender and racial equality.

Caroline Roethlisberger is a senior from St. Louis, Missouri. She is a Journalism and Political Science major with a minor in Spanish and hopes to pursue a career in law.

Sydney Rushing is a junior from Naperville, Illinois majoring in Architecture with a minor in Urban and Regional Analysis. She is interested in sustainable design and landscape architecture. In her free time Sydney enjoys reading, going on long walks with friends, and watercolor painting. After earning her bachelors degree Sydney plans to attend graduate school and eventually pursue a career as an environmentally conscious architect.

Denali Selent is a sophomore from Cleveland, Ohio majoring in Bioengineering with a minor in Humanitarian Engineering. She loves to travel, hike, cook and bake. In the future, she is interested in a career in environmental law and policy, specifically in our food system.

Taj Simmons is a sophomore Journalism and History major from Monroe, Ohio. He enjoys writing, sports and exercise. One of his favorite places to be in is Acton Lake in Hueston Woods where he frequently practices as a member of the rowing club. He hopes to use GreenHawks as a platform to educate not only others, but himself on the importance being environmentally conscious.

Jenn Soos is a senior from Cleveland, Ohio majoring in International Studies and Environmental Science with a minor in Spanish. She has a passion for traveling and the outdoors: she has traveled to over 20 countries! Her dream job would be to do climate change research work in the Himalayan Region.


Celine Thormann is a pre-med junior studying Biology and Spanish with a minor in French. She has written for GreenHawks since her freshman year. She is super passionate about how the environment impacts individual health and well-being, so most of her articles touch on that theme. In her free time, she loves to travel and experience new things. She is very excited to see what this year brings for GHM!

Elizabeth Weber is a junior Environmental Earth Science Major, Sustainability co-major with a minor in History from Richmond, Indiana. She enjoys traveling, swimming and playing with her pets. One day she hopes to have a career in sustainability when she can improve efficiency of resource use and educate communities on making sustainable choices.

Brandi Young is a senior from Dayton, Ohio. She is majoring in Zoology and Environmental Science with a minor in Geology. She loves reading, music and being outside. She hopes to have a career protecting the environment and educating the public about sustainable solutions for the future.

IMG_2262 - Jules Zimmerman

Jules Zimmerman is a senior studying Media & Culture and Interactive Media Studies. She is a senior from Columbus, Ohio and hopes to travel the world after college.


Staff Photographers

Holly Flaig is a junior Psychology major and Art Therapy co-major from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. She enjoys spending time out in nature, creating music and art, and exploring ways to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Holly is excited to join GreenHawks as a photographer to help promote environmental protection and the beauty of nature to Miami students and beyond.

Gia Mariani a junior Zoology major, Individualized Studies major, and Photography minor from Bettendorf, Iowa. She enjoys doing nature and wildlife photography, traveling and playing video games. She spends her summer and winter breaks working with her herd of miniature horses. She hopes to use her photography in the future to promote animal conservation.

Maya Smith is a sophomore Psychology major with a co-major in Sustainability from Detroit, Michigan. She is interested in how daily choices and actions can affect the environment. By writing and photographing for GreenHawks, Maya hopes to learn, and inform other students about how to make more sustainable choices for their lifestyles and the Earth.

New staff profiles will debut on the site with the publication of the student’s first submission. Stay tuned!

Annie Blair

Annie Blair has been faculty advisor to GreenHawks Media since its inception in her Environmental Journalism class in 2009. She is a senior clinical professor of journalism at Miami University and a freelance journalist. Annie is an affiliate faculty member of Miami’s Institute for the Environment and Sustainability and its Institute for Food. She also serves on the board of the Mill Creek Watershed Council. Her idea of a great day is getting lost in the woods.


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