Reducing Food Waste: My tour of the Demske Culinary Support Center

Have you ever thought about how much food you throw away? If you’re like the average North American, it’s probably more than you think:  a 2011 Food and Agriculture Organization study found that typical per capita waste in the industrialized nations of North America and Europe is about 95-115 kg (210-254 lb) per year. Worldwide, … More Reducing Food Waste: My tour of the Demske Culinary Support Center

Compost Pilot Project

The word “sustainability” has become one of the most heard buzz words of the last year, especially within the circles of Miami’s campus and administration, with the university issuing a new statement on their commitment to improving sustainability starting with the 2013 school year. Miami seems set to make good on its promise, though, with … More Compost Pilot Project

Vegan Food

Fall 2011 – Miami University has won more NACUFS Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards—the ultimate professional tribute in college and university culinary arts—than any other university in North America. As a result, Miami prides itself in the facilities and food services available to the student and staff population. But to some students, Miami Dining still … More Vegan Food

Sustainable Food for Sustainable Living

Located down Spring Street, past Patterson’s, secretly tucked behind Kroger is a building that rarely receives the recognition it deserves. Despite being only a few short blocks from Miami University’s main campus, few students would be able to describe where it is or even be mindful of its existence. Although it is no real secret, … More Sustainable Food for Sustainable Living