Oxford Sources Renewable Energy From Texas, Iowa & Illinois

By: Aidan Das Renewable energy isn’t just for large, wealthy cities. The uses and benefits of these technologies can be found right here in the rural, college town of Oxford, Ohio. It’s exciting to see how our city has embraced renewable wind energy in recent years. In October 2017, The City of Oxford renewed the … More Oxford Sources Renewable Energy From Texas, Iowa & Illinois

Miami University’s Geothermal Powerplant

By: Angie Riffle OXFORD, Ohio – For students living in the new western dorms fall semester, air conditioning and heating won’t be fueled by Miami University’s traditional coal-powered methods. Instead, Miami University has taken a step toward completely eliminating coal as a power source by building a geothermal power plant on western campus. The $9 … More Miami University’s Geothermal Powerplant

Balancing the travel equation: How the miles really add up

Now that Spring Break has come to an end and everyone has returned from the beaches, it often becomes painfully apparent how much ground you had to cover for that week of vacation. The miles and hours add up to taking quite a toll on your body, mind and wallet. (Although let’s be honest, the … More Balancing the travel equation: How the miles really add up

Miami LEEDs the Way

We all know there’s quite a bit of construction occurring on Miami’s campus. From Western to Maple Street to the new Armstrong Center, Miami is making a lot of changes, many of which have environmental backings. This past week, I had the opportunity to tour the Western construction site and learn all about the sustainable … More Miami LEEDs the Way

New life to old halls

The pipes clank, paint is falling off walls, and the windows leak cold air inside Stoddard and Elliot residence halls. Although, these halls have housed students for centuries, their age is showing and wasting a lot of energy in the process. Stoddard and Elliot are the two oldest residence halls on Miami University’s campus, Elliot … More New life to old halls

Feature Green Business: Schneider Electric

If you’re looking for another sustainable business to add to your job search, then a good place to start is Schneider Electric. This company focuses on providing energy in the most efficient and sustainable way that it can. Schneider Electric consistently follows a sustainable development and foundation program where they focus on intertwining sustainability with … More Feature Green Business: Schneider Electric

The Holidays: Too Much of a Good Thing?

With the holiday season winding down, and bills stacking up I cannot help but wonder the impact all this consumption has on the environment. According to the EPA,” the volume of household waste in the United States generally increases 25 percent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day – about 1 million extra tons.” Unfortunately the … More The Holidays: Too Much of a Good Thing?