An Unexpected Light

by Sam Belkowitz Stepping onto the trail, I anticipated what I had seen times before. There would be the creek, fields with horses, and the old cabin. When the weather is nice, I ride my bike along the path’s changing terrain of pavement, gravel, and dirt, but this day, I walked. It was a warm … More An Unexpected Light

The Bend In The Creek

by: Macrae Hanke The meandering walk started on pavement; concrete cookie cutter blocks molded from the ground, poured to match the miles of sidewalk before it. As I continued my departure from man-made civilization, the buildings turned to trees and stadium lights faded from view. Concrete turned to gravel and gravel to dirt. Step after … More The Bend In The Creek

Hurricanes & Wildfires & Floods, oh my!

BY: CELINE THORMANN The recent news cycle has been inundated with stories of natural disasters of unusual intensity, duration, and span. With stories of disasters coming from all around the country and in every direction, it can be difficult to keep track of what is happening, where it’s taking place, and why. In recent weeks, we have … More Hurricanes & Wildfires & Floods, oh my!

Expanding the Oxford Area Trail System One Step at a Time

By: Sydney Rushing The Oxford Area Trail System, also known as OATS, is a successful city amenity that has made a positive and powerful impact on the Oxford community in recent years. For those who are not familiar with the trail, it is a paved path for bikes and pedestrians that spans from the Black … More Expanding the Oxford Area Trail System One Step at a Time