Climate Crises in the Time of a Pandemic: Update

By: Lindsey Brown A few months ago in April, Helena Wolenski wrote an eye-opening piece highlighting the environmental impacts we have witnessed as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic this year. Some of these impacts include a decrease in carbon dioxide and fossil fuel emissions in many of the largest emitting countries , including … More Climate Crises in the Time of a Pandemic: Update

The History of the Discovery of Climate Change

By: Aidan Das Over the past few decades, the impacts of human activity on the environment and the hot topics of global warming and climate change have become more prominent in the media and in government policymaking. But what do all these buzzwords actually mean, and how did concern for the Earth’s changing climate actually … More The History of the Discovery of Climate Change

Exploring the Corporate Race to Zero Plastic

By: Taylor McCann Did you know that around 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since the 1950s, but only 9 percent of it has been recycled? Many well-known companies like Hasbro, Kroger, PepsiCo and Starbucks recognized the depth of statistics like these and decided to take action to decrease the amount of single-use … More Exploring the Corporate Race to Zero Plastic

Photos from Campus Climate Strike

Photos courtesy of staff photographers Holly Flaig, Gia Mariani & Maya Smith The following photos were taken outside the President’s residence at Lewis Place where Friday’s climate strikers stood for enhanced campus sustainability commitments and international climate action. Friday marked a day of climate strikes all around the globe, with estimates from, a partner … More Photos from Campus Climate Strike

Bienvenida, Global Health Alliance!

In the spring of 2014, the Miami University Global Health Alliance was born. The idea originated with five students participating in Miami University’s Global Health minor, introduced the previous fall under the direction of coordinator, Cameron Hay-Rollins, a professor of anthropology. “We…realized there’s not really somewhere for us to all come and talk about issues … More Bienvenida, Global Health Alliance!