Green Tip of the Week!

Green It Yourself! How YOU can make your RedHawk life a little Greener. By Evan Martinsek Tip of the week: Cut back on your kitchen waste! Here are five simple ways: Get rid of those disposablesSubstitute disposable items for their reusable counterparts. Use reusable rags/ dishtowels instead of paper towels. Or instead of using Ziplock … More Green Tip of the Week!

Miami University Ranks as “Green College”

Miami University has been ranked in Princeton Review’s Guide to 353 Green Colleges for the second time. The Review ranks 374 colleges and universities in the United States and six outside of the US. Princeton Review does various rankings on universities based on survey information. Miami was selected for this environmental ranking based on a … More Miami University Ranks as “Green College”

Money DOES Grow on Trees: 5 Environmental Scholarships

Are you an environmentally-conscious college student, and studying a major that pertains to our Earth’s environment? Are you in need of some extra money? If you said yes to both these questions, keep up the good work, and keep reading this article! Your actions don’t go unnoticed. Many businesses, associations, and organizations are ready to reward … More Money DOES Grow on Trees: 5 Environmental Scholarships

Plastic Overload: Why Recycling is so Important

An enormous amount of plastic is produced and consumed each year.  Where that plastic ends up and how it impacts the environment is up to us. The Worldwatch Institute has analyzed recent trends in plastic consumption and recycling. Their article, titled Global Plastic Production Rises, Recycling Lags, reveals that plastic production increased by 4 percent … More Plastic Overload: Why Recycling is so Important

Clean and Green

Sometimes, being an environmentally-conscious person and being a college student do not mix. I have noticed this with myself particularly when it comes time to do the dishes. I am, admittedly, a neat freak. I do not like to let the dishes sit in the sink, but it is incredibly impractical for me to scrub … More Clean and Green

Forget-Me-Nots: A Lovely Addition to Any Garden

The wispy, baby blue forget-me-not is a flower Ohioans can easily encounter in a neglected parking lot or on a hike. Its small, sprawling vines give rise to rounded bundles of flowers in mid spring, and some varieties, especially the weedier types, keep the flowers until late into summer—although the blooms look rather grizzled by … More Forget-Me-Nots: A Lovely Addition to Any Garden

Miami University Sustainability Committe Takes Charge

By Sarah Tyrrell The Sustainability Committee at Miami University was founded in 2008. They have a broad charge, stated below, and they are composed of a diverse selection of Miami students and faculty members. “The function of the Sustainability Committee is to promote environmentally and economically sustainable practices at Miami University through collaboration among students, … More Miami University Sustainability Committe Takes Charge